Day 389: Editing Level: Boss

Day 389: Editing Level: Boss

You may call me master editing sensei. Not all the time…well, okay, all the time. Or, at least today. Which is now yesterday, since it just struck 12:01 on the AM.

I editing almost 30 minutes of finished product today. And, I am now all caught up. Yes, you heard that right. All caught up. 100% right where I need to be. It feels good. These small moments where my head is peaking out from the hole I keep slipping into 😛

I was actually thinking a lot about that the other day. I was looking back at all the months this year, and there will only be two of them that won’t be a full success story of 100% goal met. January, and December. January because I got sick. Twice. December because we’re going out of town for two weeks and I only have time to fit in ONE extra week during the two others we’ll still be here.

That’s…incredible. It’s a complete turnaround from the two (even three) years that preceded it. And, I will look back on that without an iota of regret or remorse. I honestly don’t think it’s possible that I could have worked any more than I did.

The writing, albeit further than I’ve ever been before, definitely has room for improvement next year. I accomplished this year for my writing what I did last year for my editing work: I’m off the matt. It took me about 6 months to really get going, but now, I’m literally writing every day. I’d like that to be more consistent all the way through next year.

And, guys, it will be! I’m going to have a NOVEL and a PILOT under my belt. Experiences learned-from. Ready to refine the process, get faster, get better. Get more experience. Write, write, write. I could write two books next year. FOUR if I went back-to-back-to-back. I won’t, though. I don’t think. The pilot-writing needs to be boss-level next year.

Tomorrow is an off day. No quotations around that one. I have some apartment stuff to take care of, but otherwise, it will be sleepy and lazy as fuuuuuccckkkk. Recharge for another 4-day sprint with the editing. Then, BAM. It’s Thanksgiving time. Then, it’s two and a half more weeks and we’re off for Christmas…

These last six weeks or so have FLOWN by. Like, super speed. I wonder if that happens every year when the holidays kick in. I should go back and look at my blog entries from last year, see if I was feeling the same thing. But, it has been FAST. We’re already almost done with November. It’s not fair.

I finished Voyager last night. I was telling Liz about it, and she was surprised I didn’t write about it last night. I was on a podcast-kick last night 😛 But yeah…I finished Voyager. It was very melancholy, more so than I thought it would be. See, those last two and a half seasons of Voyager were really the last Trek that I’d never seen. That was completely new. Now, there IS still the Animated Series from the 70s, but guys…that seriously doesn’t count. I’ll love watching them, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t count. And now, I’ve watched them. Everything from now on will be a re-tread of stories that I’ve already seen…I’ll be remembering as I watch them, not discovering.

Not to say that remembering isn’t fun. It totally is. Seriously. I love it. But, it’s always special the first time, and it’s always sad to lose that new-ness.

Voyager was good. People are definitely too hard on it. Is it as good as TNG or DS9? No. But I still fell completely head over heels for those characters. They still became family, and that is the magic of Trek for me nowadays. When I was young, it was all the aliens and the adventures and the space stuff. Now that I’m older, it’s about the warmth and the familiarity. That shines through even the shitty writing…which happens a lot on Trek. But, I literally don’t care, because I love the people on the show.

That’s where I’ll leave it tonight. Except to say that I decided to watch the first 3 seasons of DS9 next. See, when I watched the show back this summer while working, I started with Season 4. This time, I’ll watch from the beginning, which I honestly hardly remember. I’ve seen those episodes probably once, if not several of them never. Then…I don’t know. Maybe TNG. Maybe TOS. Maybe something entirely different to keep my mind active enough to sit at my computer and work for 12 hours in a day.

Good night y’all. See you tomorrow.