Day 392: Self-sealing stem bolts

Day 392: Self-sealing stem bolts

Oof. Long day today. Got smacked with a decently difficult lesson about two-thirds of my way through the day today, too, which was the bums. But still, I managed to only be two minutes behind the daily goal. Not bad at’all my friends.

A thousand Federation credits to anyone who can name the source of my blog title tonight without looking it up. I already gave it away by saying “Federation.” It’s Deep Space Nine. There. Now I owe all of everyone a thousand credits. I’ll have to work overtime.

Feel like I already have…worked overtime.

It was a long day today, folks. I’m a little delirious if you can’t already tell.

Writing was good today, again. Loving the streak I’m on. It’s a little weird, actually, that I’m starting to lean towards the end of the book as opposed to feeling like I’m just getting started. Really, I’m in the middle of the book right now. The meat of the story. But, the end is where the planning is happening…and it’s right around the corner. Like, three weeks away, or so. Crazy pants McGee indeed.

Tomorrow is more of the same: wake up, feed the dogs, walk the dogs, try not to get too tired eating breakfast, writing, then editing for the rest of the day. Hopefully not as late as I did tonight, which was right up to brushing my teeth and sitting down to write this thing.

I ordered another Trek ship today, one from Diamond Select. It’s a HMS Bounty version of the bird of prey they’ve had out for a couple yeas. I love the idea. It’s from the fourth movie, where they save the whales. Has the painted ‘HMS Bounty’ on the underside of the ship with landing gear, which is how they land in the middle of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Love that movie. Might have to put it on while I work when it comes in.

Liz is next to me watching one of her wedding vlogs she posted a week or so ago. Seriously, a life highlight right there. Such good times with such good people. It was SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL in Hawaii. Ahhh.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. That’s all I got. Tomorrow, hopefully, less sleepy. Nothing a good night’s sleep can’t cure, right? Right!