Day 394: Fluff Cycle

Day 394: Fluff Cycle

Coco got her first bath tonight. Or shower, whatever you want to call it when you put your (small) dog in the sink and subject them to water and shampoo torture. She handled it pretty good, actually after the first few minutes where I’m pretty sure she was convinced we were going to murder her.

She’s a very pretty dog, you guys. Under all that street-grease and dirt and a bit of a mangled haircut…she’s this gorgeous color of cream and blonde, with silver around the back of her head and her ears. And then, she’s got a patch on her back that looks like round wings with brown and red hairs mixed together, with another patch like that smack on her butt for good measure.

She’ll never be as fluffy as the Coops. His hair is soooo much finer than hers, and thus more soft; but, Coco is super soft in her own right. Especially after a shampoo and conditioning. She’s sleeping next to me right now, ready to call it a night for sure. The Coops is over in his kennel, asleep waiting for nighttime treats.

I just gave myself a fluff cycle. Showering after these work binges has become somewhat of a ritual. I just feel so grimy after working four days straight, and that’s a couple days to long to be going without a full-blown shower. I’ve always been blessed to be not much of a sweat-er, but four days is pushing it any way you look at it, washcloth wipe downs and deodorant layers notwithstanding.

The writing trucked along today as well, and I’m sure it will tomorrow too. I’m in the groove and I’m not stopping. It took me a bit to get used to these three “new” pages, ie- with a higher word count per page. Now that I am, I’m cruising.

I do my writing hour first thing after eating breakfast and walking the pups. It usually takes me a good 15 to 20 minutes just to focus, but the next 40 minutes or so are awesome. Three pages cranks itself out, almost. Sometimes it’s more of a struggle, but not often.

I just zoned out for I don’t know how long. I can’t even remember really what I was thinking about 😛 I usually don’t write the blog this late, it’s 12:43 right now, but the Ho and I took a last-minute Thanksgiving shopping trip to Ralph’s and picked up a few miscellaneous items, and then I took a shower, *and* we’d spent time washing the Cocos before that…so yeah. That’s how it got so late.

Life is good, you guys. It’s not perfect, there are definitely things that come and go, stressors…but overall…I’m productive and I’m happy. It’ll be weird finishing this book, for sure, but not too weird. I’m already thinking about what to do next, which is *exactly* where I’ve always wanted to work-wise. And I’m living that right now. It’s a good thing.

I’m passing out, y’all. More tomorrow about Turkey day. Liz’s parents are coming into town in the morning. It should be a grand old time. See you then!

Ps- two things I forgot to mention! I’m still right on target work-wise, number one, and number two: I got my HMS Bounty bird-of-prey today from Amazon, the one that Kirk and the gang take back in time to save the whales in San Francisco. So cool!