Day 396: About time

Day 396: About time

We watched the movie About Time tonight. A flick almost no one went to see, apparently, except wisely my bear and Ali, and that’s how it ended up on my DVR.

I highly recommend it. It’s a romantic comedy-esque but not REALLY time-travel movie that’s mostly just about life and love and family. It’s British, so you know it’s super charming, and as long as you just accept that it’s a time-travel movie that’s not about the mechanics of time travel, it’s flawless.

Not to say that I took any issue with the time traveling, because I didn’t. In fact, the time travel is treated rather like magic. It just is. There’s no explanation. It’s magic. It happens. It’s something we wish we could all do, and it’s delightful seeing someone charming being able to do it and use it for the wonderful things that we ourselves would use it for.

It was a very sentimental way to wrap up an exceedingly lovely day and an exceedingly lovely trip with Liz’s parents. We woke up late, we ate leftovers, we did some Black Friday shopping at the Best Buy down the street, and we took the pups for a walk around Lake Balboa (which I’d never been to before).

Lake Balboa was probably my favorite part of the day. We went just in time to walk around the lake while the sun set, the dogs tugging at each of the respective leashes the entire time from all the stimulation of the birds, ducks, other dogs, and all the people. It was cool and warm at the same time, somehow, and the sunset was beautiful. It was just lovely. And an entirely new experience.

Tomorrow, it’s back to work. I have a feeling it’ll be a rough day, but I’ll manage through it. I got my writing done today.

I keep thinking about the movie, though. Thinking about what I would do if I could time travel. Go back and be with people who are no longer with me. Moments that would be wonderful to relive in the flesh as opposed to memory or dreams.

Where would you go? And what would you do?

Coco has been really attached to me lately, which I obviously find very endearing. Coops, too. He’s been really, really happy to be held like a baby lately, and fall asleep in my arms. Coco took a nice nap with me today, curled up right inside my armpit, head against my chest. Dogs are the best, you guys. They just are such wonderful companions; make you laugh, always there to look you in the eye and keep you company…just the best.

That’s the last deep thought of the night. I’ll see you badass bitches tomorrow.