Day 397: Grind to a halt

Day 397: Grind to a halt

Today could have been termed a failure…except really, it was just a necessity.

It was *supposed* to be a work day. Back to the grind. Instead…everything really just ground to a halt. I got my writing done and some apartment stuff…and nothing else beyond that.

See, I was just plain exhausted. I slept for two and a half hours today, and I mean I was OUT COLD. I also slept in two hours this morning. I was exhausted. It’s just a reminder in that these days off I take between work stretches need to really be days OFF. With things like sleeping in and naps, and the like. Otherwise, I literally fall apart on work days. Yes, literally. My arms fall off first, then my nose, and then any semblance of making sense.

A daring escape is coming up in the book, which is always fun to write. I think my writing days will be pretty easy for the next two or three sessions. I also decided to add a new destination in the plot, keep the idea of the epic journey going. It just felt like it needed another stop in the quest, you know? Can’t be too directly from point A to point B and C. Has to be some Ds and Es in there too. It’ll be a quick stop. Not take toooo many pages/words.

Liz’s parents left this morning, and then she went to go see the USC v Notre Dame game down at the coliseum. I was supposed to go, which would’ve been my first SC game seen live, but alas, events conspired against that happening which was fine. Either way, if I’d had a full work day, or if I ended up taking it off to rest like I did, I needed the day to myself.

I still feel pretty tired, to be honest. But, hopefully it was enough resting to feel refreshed tomorrow, cuz it’s going to be a full work day any way I slice it. Has to be. There’s now no room for error for the next two weeks. Gotta bang it out.

I watched about half of the movie Her today, and I was telling Liz about it. It’s visually just about gorgeous. Seriously. In a very modern twist on Wes Anderson type way. Like, that well coordinated of a color scheme, and very wash-out pastel-type colors. It’s beautiful. The plot, I’m on the fence about. I’ll say more when I finish the movie, but let’s just suffice it say that if your movie is about a loser who meets women and the women are the ones who have the problem, or that someone comes along and “saves” the loser…I’m usually going to call bullshit on your premise. It’s not interesting. It’s not remotely realistic, nor is it good characterization and dramatic structure.

But…I’m not ready to say that’s what’s going on with this movie. I’m just afraid that’s where we’re going. We’ll see. It was nominated for Best Original Screenplay this year (or last year, depending on your point of view), and Spike is legitimately hilarious. I’m still intrigued enough to want to finish it tomorrow during my meal breaks.

That’s it for tonight, y’all. Early to bed for me. Hoping to wake up feeling fresh and ready to rock some work days. Wish me luck!