Day 398: Back attack

Day 398: Back attack

Today was a fight to get back into the rhythm of working after taking 3 days off for the holidays.

Oi! Is that always a struggle. It happens whenever I get thrown out of rhythm, at least. If it’s a normal day or two off, filled with stuff from our lives down here, it’s not too disruptive. I’m used to those. But these holidays, or visitors, or anything of that sort…you know, when I get to enjoy myself even a bit extra :P…it’s consistently a struggle to get back to work on those days.

But, hey, I knew it. I knew it going in even more so this time than I even have before…and today was a success. Not 100%, mind you, I’m a couple minutes behind for the first time in over a week. BUT…I won’t be when the day comes to an end on Tuesday. I’ll be completely on target.

The writing today went suuuuper fast. I finished almost 4 pages in like, 40 minutes. Which was good, because I started a bit late and was able to finish on time and ahead of my goal. I do have to take a moment and really talk tonight about how good it feels to be writing every day. For reals. I was *not* in that place a year ago. I know, I have the blogs to go back and look at. I didn’t actually talk about my days as on-the-nose as I do now, giving the run-down on my work (both creative and non-creative). I know it gets monotonous to read about, but it is obviously a major component of how I look at a day as being positive or negative…and it’s obviously a major part of my self-esteem. So, I write about it now, instead of keeping it inside my head and stewing on it, or hiding it from myself and the world.

But, I don’t even know how many consecutive days this is now that I’ve written my 3-page goal. A couple of those days were probably a page or a half-page short when I was struggling with a particular section of the book…but I think it’s been like 4o or 50 days now. For reals. In a row, without fail. It was a few days, a week I think, after changing the font-size on my pages so that 300 would hit around the 80-90k word mark (as was the original plan).

I also find myself thinking more and more about my goals for next year. I was reading some blog entries from last year about how integral it is to MEET people who are in the industry, and I was honestly feeling a bit like shit, and that I’d just slid back into old habits by squirreling myself away to work on my own stuff in obscurity…but then I remembered that the REASON I forced myself to start focusing first on getting my writing done every day, day in and day out, is because it doesn’t matter how many people I meet if I don’t actually have anything for them to read. That *has* to be priority number one. And I’m still not quite there. So…that’s where the priority will remain. But…that changes next year. With a script under my belt and another one to be worked and polished by February.

Has to happen. Because, then it’s staffing season, which is hopefully when people will be needing assistants…and if they don’t, I’ll at least have made the round of phone calls for the first time with something to deliver that I put my name on. A couple writers I follow on the twits were talking about “luck” today in the TV world…how it’s the most important thing to have when it comes to working as a writer in the industry. Well…I really hope I have some luck, you guys. I really, really do.

The Ho and I just ordered a couple christmas gifts for ourselves and a couple other significant family members, and we got a crazy-good deal on them. I’m excited 😛 I obviously can’t say anything more than that because it’s a GIFT. But, we were crafty in the way we used some of the deals being offered…and we’re awesome.

That’s all for tonight, the Ho wants to show me something she made. So, I’m off. See y’all tomorrow!