Day 399: Le sickies

Day 399: Le sickies

I was sick today.

Thankfully, nothing major. No fever. It was enough, however, for me to call it quits work-wise after writing my pages. Headache, post-nasal drip sore throat, and just so tired.

I slept for four hours in the middle of the day. FOUR HOURS.

If I wake up tomorrow feeling great, awesome. If not, I’ll take it easy again, and then keep my normal day off on Wednesday. It does suck. Like I wrote yesterday, I’ve been such a rock star sticking with my schedule. But, you know what, guys? I’ve been productive enough and stuck to my guns all year this year. I don’t feel so much any more like a failure if I have one of these days.

I could have done work all day, I think. Maybe not, given how dead to the world I was for four solid hours…but if my life or a deadline depended on it, the work would have been done. The flip side of that is that I was feeling genuinely exhausted and crappy. It would have been excruciating to work today. I didn’t have to, and so I didn’t. I can revise my goals. That’s actually what I’ve worked so hard for, isn’t it? To be able to take an unscheduled sick day.

Now…I reserve the right to beat up on myself if the lack of solid, focused work persists. That’s a different story. For now, I feel secure in my discipline.

I just didn’t feel good. I still don’t, in fact. But, that’s life.

Otherwise, I’m very content right now.

It’s the first of the month today, the last month of 2014. It’s gone by so fast, hasn’t it?! Thus, I have some goals I’d like to state:

I want to read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
I want to finish my novel (at or around 90,000 words)
I want to polish my pilot script for others to read over the holiday break
Finally, I want to finish my editing work on target. If these two days this week don’t get made up, that’s fine, I want to finish with the rest that I have scheduled.

That’s it, really. It’s very doable. It’ll take some long days, but it’s very doable.

That’s all for tonight, except that the Ho and I watched the first half or so of Jodorowky’s Dune, which is the current Blu-Ray that I have. It’s pretty interesting so far, and Liz says she wants to watch the rest with me 🙂 That’s always nice.

Oh! And I finished watching Her, which is a beautifully shot movie that has a lot to say on modern relationships, and the question of the forms that they can take. On the downside, it didn’t particularly have anything profoundly observant to say beyond the relationship we have with our machines. The actual relationship stuff I found pretty muddled, and falling heavily on the “woe is me” and “the world is too crazy for me” side of things…which I mentioned a few days ago really isn’t that interesting to me. But, it’s freaking gorgeously shot. For reals.

Good night!