Day 403: Better Day Tomorrow

Day 403: Better Day Tomorrow

So…yeah…today was *not* the brilliant work-day I so wanted to have. It wasn’t a disaster, mind you, I just lost steam at the end of the day and crashed and burned in a manner of speaking.

So, I end the day short of expectations. SO…I just wrote my pages for tomorrow. No writing tomorrow. It’s already done. Tomorrow will be 100% editing (except for the part of the day where I’m covering an open house for an hour). I want to ROCK IT. I don’t even need to do anything extra, per se. Just reach my goal. That’s it. Pretty simple.

The writing, however, continues to rock. I don’t even feel like stating that any more, since it’s been that way for so long now 😛

Still feels good. The book is rolling with momentum right now that I honestly think will continue through to the end, which is a mere…three weeks away? Just shy of three weeks. Less than a quarter left of the book. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?

The do less more often strategy…working like the dickens. Makes writing a book seem actually…well, not easy, but definitely and imminently doable. I’m about to have done it. My first book, finished.

Coops is cleaning himself right now. He seems to do that quite a bit lately, but we keep checking him for any tell-tale signs of bites or sores, or anything like that. But nope. He’s just licking himself. Keeping himself clean. Like a cat. I thought dogs didn’t really do that. Coco just sighed. She’s sleeping next to my leg at the moment. That’s her favorite pass-time. At least when I’m on the bed typing.

It’s a little weird that my creative space is the same space where I sleep, right? They probably say that you shouldn’t do that. But, whatevs. It’s working. If it’s not baroque, don’t fix it.

That’s all for tonight my peeps. I make no proclamations about tomorrow, except that I hope my stamina and focus is better than it was today. I have no wish to fall further “behind.” It’s self-destructive behavior and I’m just not a fan. Not a fan at all.


Ps- I read about Heinlein tonight during one of my “lose-track-of-time” spells…very interesting. The guy definitely peaked later in his life artistically. Also, I discovered I am indeed reading one of his (if not THE) best in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. I also, apparently, need to read Stranger in a Strange Land…of which there are two versions; a 220,000 word version, and a 160,000 word version. I’m not sure which one I’ll choose, actually. There seems to be some debate as to which is better…