Day 404: Small Hands

Day 404: Small Hands

I have pretty small hands for a dude. My palms are pretty decently sized, but my fingers…not so huge. Which is weird because I have pretty big feet. I’m 5’11” and I have 10/10.5 size in shoes. Some tighter shoes I’ve even had to go up to 11.

Insert applicable penis joke here.

That’s the lead for my blog tonight because I honestly didn’t know what to call it, and then I caught myself lost in thought with my eyes pointed towards my open right hand. I wasn’t looking at it, or I didn’t realize I was, and then suddenly I was aware, and I was like, “dude, my hands aren’t that big.”

The day started early for me, had a maintenance call at 8 in the morning. That was delightful, but quick. I took a quick 15 minute snooze of the floor of the office and the pups came to sleep on top of me after they ate their breakfast. Like, literally on top of me.

Then, it was breakfast for me after taking them for the walkies, and work, work, work after that. I fell slightly short of my goals for the day, but they were overly ambitious and I thus don’t feel too bad. Tomorrow will be another good day. I can smell it. I’m going to take another day of not writing (gasp) so I can focus that much more on the editing work. I’d rrreeaaalllyyyyy like to be completely caught back up tomorrow. But, we’ll see. The writing I’ll make up on my day off the next day.

That’s the plan. We’ll see how it goes.

For now, I’m off to read for a little bit, then, the sleeps. The Coco is on Liz’s side of the bed tonight for like the first time ever. She’s very excited to sleep with the Coco 🙂 We love an equal opportunity lover round these parts, yes we do.

Night y’all.

ps- I watched a very sweet episode of Deep Space Nine tonight…well, “watched” being a loose term, it was on in the background whilst I worked…but I caught the big scene with the guest star, an actor who’s dead now…and it was very touching. “Shadowplay” was the name of the episode, and it was about an old man who creates an entire village of holograms to keep him company in his late years, and how much he cares about them, even if they’re not real. It was really good. I recommend it.