Day 406: Fire Sale

Day 406: Fire Sale

The A’s are having a sale, guys, and all MLB teams are invited. Top prospects not necessary!

Seriously…I don’t know what the fuck is happening in Oakland. Granted the last time I felt this way was during the off-season between 2011 and 2012, and we won the division in 2012. The *difference* this time is that we were a shit team in 2011. This time, we traded away a proven winning nucleus of a team that we had locked up for the next four years or so, with a couple exceptions.

It sucks and I hate it. Everything about it. There is no such thing as addition and subtraction, and it is hard as fuck to put together an offense that can score runs enough to be a good team. That’s what we had for three seasons, and we should have built around that rather than selling it all off piecemeal for prospects down on the depth chart. I mean, fuck. Donaldson, a legit MVP candidate for the past two years and under team control for FIVE MORE was sold for nary a single prospect in the top 10 of the team we gave him to. That’s ridiculous. I don’t care if the single-A shortstop we got turns out to be the second coming of Miguel Tejada, because we’ll only get to see him for two and a half seasons anyway. And the chances that the guy *is* the second coming of Miggy are super, super low. Let’s be honest about that.

End of rant. I hope Beane proves me wrong, I really do, because I hate this offseason with a vengeance.

I didn’t get any work done today, alas. That was the price I paid for getting so much done over the past couple days. I burned out. The good news is, however, that I *did* get some recovery time in. I slept for over three hours today, and already I feel a little better. I can get some work done tomorrow and some more recovery, and then rock the next four-day set, and then one more four-day set and we’re done. DONE.

I don’t actually feel guilty for having a off day today. It was very necessary.

The Ho shot for a single-cam sitcom today, which was exciting. I got a bunch of apartment stuff done.

That was about it. Writing happens again tomorrow. I want to bang out two sessions of three pages, one in the AM and one at night. Also, the Ho just reminded me that it was 80 degrees out today. IN DECEMBER. That’s crazy-pants. Also, I can’t wait for Winter Solstice to come, because that means the days will finally start to get longer again. It so much sucks to have the sun down before 5pm. That’s just too early.

I will see you kids tomorrow. More fun!