Day 407: A quick one

Day 407: A quick one

Well, I actually sat down to write this entry almost an hour ago, but then the Ho came home so we caught up on her night, and then I had a numeros dos explosion in the bathroom for a minute (what did I eat?) and now we’ve fully entered the domain of too much personal info.

Tomorrow is work BONANZA. Another one. It’s happening. So, I’m off to sleep.

But, here was the thought I had: I feel like I could write forever. I really do. I could live in the world of stories forever, and I think I could write three pages a day for…well, forever. So, maybe I will do that, guys. Maybe that’s my purpose.

Also: I watched X-Men: Days of Future Past tonight, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I loved that they (almost) completely ignored Brett Ratner’s entry to the franchise except for the Jean Grey parts. But, for reals, I enjoyed it. There were problems here and there, but it was FUN. Are you listening Chris Nolan?! F. U. N. Fun!

Okay…sleepy times. More tomorrow.