Day 413: Lucky Number

Day 413: Lucky Number

Thirteen has always kind of been a lucky number for me. Weird, I know, given that it’s considered so unlucky by so many cultures. But, see, I was born on the 13th. One of my best birthdays ever was on Friday the 13th. It was a surprise party when I was…probably 10. In fact, I can actually go back and look at what year that would have been by using my calendar…

…Just did that and I was 9. 1991 would have been the year. I was in 4th grade, and my mom had invited all my friends to come over to our house for the party, and I didn’t know it until our van pulled up in front of the school and all of them got inside with me.

We spent the afternoon and the evening running around the woods. I distinctly remember taking them up across the road, to the very tip-top of our property, and us hearing a chainsaw sound and running screaming back to my house with glee. You know…because it was Friday the 13th. We didn’t know that Jason Vorhees didn’t use a chainsaw. But, hey, we were 9.

Anyway…413 entries. The fourth entry I’ve had with a “13” in it. I actually can’t remember if I’ve acknowledged that before or not 😛

I didn’t get the crazy amount of work done today I had hoped. It was another day that kind of slipped away from me towards the end, and I had to call it quits early because I’m waking up an hour earlier tomorrow morning than I’m used to. Have building matters to attend to. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a bunch of work done tomorrow. We’ll see. I’m going to get as much work done in the next three days as I possibly can, and just leave it at that.

I listened to John Digweed’s “GU:Los Angeles” tonight on youtube while I was finishing up my work. I remember driving through downtown LA, going up home for christmas, must have been 2003, listening to that CD and Satoshi Tomeii’s “Love in Traffic” coming on, with what is still a wicked bassline, and being totally into that music. It seemed like it was perfect, that song coming on as I was driving through downtown.

Coco just came in from the living room to join me in bed, and walked right up to me as close as she could get and curled up and laid down. She’s asleep again already. I love that about her, that she just loves to be as close as she can to you. A real snuggler, through and through. Coops is like that sometimes, when he’s in the mood. Coco is like that all the time. It’s a very special dog that’s like that, a very special personality. So is Coops, don’t get it twisted. He’s an amazingly hilarious and constantly entertaining mix of chill and rowdy, and I love that for much of the time he’s his own man. I’m just saying I love da Coco’s personality, too.

I think those are all my thoughts for tonight. I got my 4 1/2 pages written today, so I’m back on track. This bitch will be finished on or before Christmas Eve. Can’t argue with that, right there, no you can’t. What is that, 9 days away? I think so…craziness. Nervous and excited to then go back and read the thing.

Speaking of…gonna go sneak some reading in right now. Some Heinlein for the nighttime 🙂

Tonight’s artwork is courtesy of David Meltzer, and seemed perfectly appropriate since I’m reading The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. I realized the other day that I’ve gotten into the habit of not crediting the artwork that I’m reposting each night, an unintended side-effect of going through and saving a bunch of images all at once, and then just dropping them here from my camera roll. It’s not correct etiquette, and I want to fix it. So, yeah. Not doing that any more 😉