Day 414: Quickie

Day 414: Quickie

Tonight’s, alas, has to be a quickie. I hardly got any work done again today. Ugh. This home stretch, this sprint to the finish has definitely not been what I had hoped. But!

I have two more days. Come what may. One more apartment thing to deal with tomorrow morning for about a half hour, and then a haircut on Thursday. That’s it! So, I plan to get a buttload of editing work done in the next two days, these last two days. Stretch the limit! See how much I can crank out, and see where I’m at when the dust settles.

Writing was done today. 8 days left, and I should be at my end. Pretty sure I can make that work pretty precisely, though I do have to figure out my route to my ending. The ending I have. The route…not so much. A general idea, sure, but not the specifics. Hopefully that’s not too much of a problem. We’re only talking about 15 pages or so here.

Toodles! See you crazy kids tomorrow…where I do believe I’m going to be very, very tired 😛

Tonight’s artwork is from Pixography by John Harris. Reminds me of something in my novel. Uncanny, actually….wrong color though.