Day 415: One More

Day 415: One More

Hey there iPad, old friend. I didn’t get to use you today, did I? The writing did not happen, but that was planned as of this morning. My writing hour was cleaved into bits with some apartment building responsibilities. We had the exterminator here for a problem with some ants. They kept popping up randomly here and there, and so we pounced on it. These are the things that need to get done, you see. That, and a microwave oven which needs to be either repaired or replaced, one of the two.

Anyway, today was another massive editing work day. 44 minutes of finished video…8 videos in total. And, good ones, I think. A couple of those recent days where I did even more than that, I’m pretty sure there was a video in there that was kind of “phoned” in. Not bad, mind you, but I usually go the extra mile for a sequence or two in each lesson.

I don’t know, tho. They’re actually probably all fine. The videos sometimes seem to crawl along when I’m editing them…and then when I go back and watch them, they actually move at a pretty clipped pace. That’s the nature of editing video, for sure. Your perception of time as you’re going frame by frame is completely distorted. It always takes backing up and watching at normal speed to get any sense of the *actual* pacing. Editing is definitely an art form. I wouldn’t consider what I do for Remilon to be an art form, but editing film sure is, and mad props to those who can do it really well.

So yeah…one more day. And, a very, very VERY respectable goal is within reach. Tomorrow, unlike today, I will get my writing done. Three pages, at least, hopefully four. I’ll probably be editing till around 24 hours from now, but we’ll see. It depends on my luck, and if there are any of the “easy” lessons posted tomorrow or not. Hopefully there are šŸ˜›

And, if not, it’s okay too. I’ll be almost exactly at where I set my goal to be, and damnit, all I need is a good solid day tomorrow and I’m going to feel completely and entirely ready to close the book on a year well-done. Seriously…it’s been a wonderful year. I meant that over all, but yes, specifically with work too. More than I’ve ever done. Writing, too. More than I’ve ever done.

K. No retrospecting right now. It’s time for the sleeps. After I check on this one last lesson that’s been rendering. Tomorrow, lads and gads! Pretty sure “gads” doesn’t mean “girls”…but it should!

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