Day 416: The Finish Line

Day 416: The Finish Line

It’s 2am right now…and I’m tired. Tired, and satisfied.

It was not the blowout day I’d been hoping for, with the 30 minutes of finished editing…but, it was enough. 130 minutes. Done. More than half a month, and a mere two days short of my original goal set all the way back on October 1st.

I think I’ve done around 400 videos this year. THIS YEAR. I did just over 200 videos in the previous two years. I’m very proud of that, and very thankful for my job which has turned my life around financially speaking. I don’t know where I’d be without it keeping me afloat and paying off my old bills. The 20s are an expensive time in life. Nobody tells you that…

Anyway, tomorrow, we set sail for the north. My next blog will be from the Bay, at Liz’s parents’ house. Looking forward to some well-earned time off, which I’m going to take a decent chunk of, even when we come back down to LA. The holiday destinations always ends up less as real time off, given all the events and traveling. It’s the staycations that are REAL time off.

I’m already thinking about what I want to do during the week or so that I’d like to have to myself. Play some golf, obviously. Watch some shows, maybe Marco Polo, but probably just some TNG blu rays, or DS9 on Netflix. Oh, and this Syfy series “Ascension” that played this past week. I’ll check that, too, see if I can hang.

I want to clean my office.

I want to find a place to have my old DJ records out instead of packed away.

I want to give the whole house a major clean.

I want to rest, and read, and formulate my writing goals for the first half of the year (give or take).

I want to do rewrites.

I write this down tonight because I was thinking about it, but to be honest, mostly what I’m feeling is not *quite* the finish line I’m looking towards. I may even grab some extra lessons over the holiday break, here, and I’m sure I’ll have some sendbacks to get through.

No, the real finish line I’m looking at is for my novel. A week away, I think. Or maybe a day less than a week. I got my pages done today, and they were tough ones. This lead-up to the ending of the book, the cliffhanger, is proving to be a doozy. The ending itself I know…but how to maneuver into it, that’s the hard part. BUT…but, I got it started today. It took me a full hour to write the three pages, but I wrote them.

Step by step, right? 3 pages a day to the promised land.

That’s all for tonight. The slow exhale on this crazy, crazy year begins right now as I lay my head down on my pillow. And I feel the pride I was desperately hoping for in closing out my work year strong. The best ever, in fact, and I’m damn proud of it.

Good night!

Tonight’s artwork is from Dean Ellis.