Day 419: Getting Started

Day 419: Getting Started

Liz just chuckled at the fact that her “Getting Started” instruction pamphlet from Canon about her new camera is 300 pages. You know, to “get started.” Here, read this novel that we wrote.

My mom got started today on finding a dog. We took her to an adoption event down in Palo Alto, which is where they’re living when they’re down here. She didn’t take a dog home, I really think she feels like she needs to be with my dad to actually do that, but it was a big first step in the process. This particular rescue organization seems pretty solid, and she got to meet the woman who runs it.

Anyone out there who’s thinking about adopting a dog: you always, *always* have to meet them in person. You want to adopt a dog based on their personality, not on their breed or the way they look.

The day started, however, with getting up, walking the pups, taking a shower and eating some toast and drinking Cutie Juice. Oh, is that juice made from those Cutie-brand tangerines, you might ask? Well, yes. Yes it is. And, it’s delicious! Apparently, it can be found on the magical shelves of Costco.

Then, we all trundled into the car and went a few minutes away to see Liz’s godmother, Auntie Mary, and have lunch. She was very enamored with our fur-children, she’d taken care of a little shih tzu named Simba for a couple years before it went back to one of her children. We ate a delicious Filet Roast, with some potatoes, roasted veggies, a salad and these little tiny bundt cakes with buttercream frosting. It was grand, and she was genuinely a sweetie pie. And, a very talented artist. Her house was wall-to-wall paintings, and almost every single one of them were her own works. And, I mean *actually* good…not just “oh, that’s nice” when someone you know shows you their artwork.

Then, we sped over to Palo Alto and saw my mom at the adoption event. There was one dog that she seemed to really like named Jingle, but she wasn’t ready to pull the trigger on him. He was a 1-year-old Havanese-Shihtzu mix, and he was quiet and shy, but he also had no problem with being petted or picked up, and he looovveeddd treats. That’s the kind of dog my parents want, for sure.

Then, we came home and fed and walked the dogs. It was dark already, and when we were talking at dinner, which was leftovers from last night and the night before, we all realized that it was Winter Solstice today to which I say Huzzah! The days will start getting longer, finally! I really do hate this three/four month period or so that we’re in right now where it gets dark at, like, 4:45. That’s just too damn early. It’s the combination of the short days and the fall time change. No me gusta.

I’m still feeling a bit under the weather, with the throat soreness and a little bit of achiness. It caught up to me tonight. We were watching Guardians of the Galaxy with Liz’s mom, and suddenly only two things were important to me. I needed to #1: pee, followed closely by #2: put my body into a horizontal position with my head on a pillow and sleep. Which I did. I’m not sure for how long, but it was apparently the right decision. I feel a bit better now, and hopefully will feel even more recovered tomorrow.

Speaking of, it’s now time for bed. Not much writing done today, a page, really, but tomorrow…well, we don’t really have anything scheduled…I might just finish the whole damn thing. We’ll see. At the very least, I will catch up on some pages.


Tonight’s featured artwork is courtesy of Dexter A. Dickenson as seen (as always) on the 70s Sci Fi art tumblr account.