Day 424: The Blue Room

Day 424: The Blue Room

We’re in the “blue room” at my parents’ house. Yes, they are calling bedrooms by names, like a bed and breakfast would. My parents roll like that.

We had a very dog-oriented day today. I walked the dogs with my mom this morning. She said “let’s go for a short walk”…an hour and a half and 3.7 miles later, we were back home. Ya, real short ma! But it was absolutely gorgeous out, so the conditions were just perfect. Then, after I ate some breakfast, we went out to the Sequoia Humane Society and my parents looked at to potential dogs. One we’d known about already, and another that really stole the show for Liz and I. His name was Frankie, he was a Lhasa Apso mix, about a year and a half old, and just an absolute SWEETHEART. He flopped over and showed his belly and closed his eyes when we gave him belly rubs…in a *kennel* with other dogs around yapping away like maniacs. I mean, come on! That’s some next level cuteness (and self-confidence/willingness to trust humans right there).

My parents didn’t get to have their application “approved” right on the spot, however, which meant that we didn’t get to actually take them out for a walk. They still needed to have their sit-down consultation, which they were able to do, and the society still needs to call the vet that my parents have used in the past for our other pets.

My Dad has taken to reading Cesar Milan’s book “Cesar’s Way” all on his own, and he’s ripping through it. We also watched some of Cesar’s show from a couple years ago “Leader of the Pack,” which was a show about him choosing which of three couples were appropriate to adopt a given dog that had some sort of issue. So, yeah…I think my dad is really starting to look forward to having a dog. An inside dog. A companion dog.

After we got home, I went up stairs and took a nap while Liz took the pups on a walk. When they got home, Coops came all the way up stairs to find me a take a nap with me. That was really sweet. Everyone was down stairs, even Coco, and Coops all on his own came up stairs and asked to be picked up onto the bed so he could take a nap. It was very sweet.

Then, we left the dogs home and went up town to Ferndale Pizza Co for some dinner. Not a huge dinner, but I was definitely hungry and it hit the spot. Easy enough place to get out to and get some food. Tomorrow night we’re going over to Robbie and Jerry’s house, a couple old family friends, and having some Holiday cheer over there. When we got home, that was when we watched the Cesar Milan stuff. While my dad fell asleep. As per usual.

Now we’re in bed in the Blue room, which was my childhood bedroom as a pre-teen and teenager. For a few years, anyway. When I hit High School, I got to have my own room out in one of our two travel trailers that my parents always had dreams of fixing up and traveling with. Instead, they become bedrooms. But, it was in this room that I discovered my love for Science Fiction, and Star Trek in particular, that I discovered my love for writing. I had posters all over my walls, pretty much top to bottom, of Trek stuff, and Oakland A’s stuff. I remember one particular Christmas when I got the book Federation, a Star Trek book, and this entire tin of those butter cookies in the various shapes and sizes, like three layers of them. I remember eating that entire tin in the span of maybe two weeks, the two weeks that we had off of school, and reading that book. That was 1994, I just looked it up. I was 12 that year, I would have been in 6th grade, and I was *just* getting into Star Trek. I just went and looked it up. TNG was just about to wrap up back then, in its last half-season, I think.

Anyway. Going to bed now. I just looked up Aeon Flux and The Maxx…two cartoons in the 90s that sound very interesting. Might be worth checking out again. I remember seeing both when I was a kid and thinking they were super weird…

Good night!

ps- Oh, and a little bonus today…we reached 300 likes for the first time in Instagram with one of our photos. The photo attached to tonight’s blog is, in fact, that photo. Huzzah!