Day 428: Pet a Luma

Day 428: Pet a Luma

What *is* a Luma, anyway?

Hahahahaa. I’m so clever. Barf.

We’re in Rohnert Park, actually, at Ryan’s house. Yes, *house*. That he *bought*. Crazy pants McGee. I say Petaluma because that’s where he grew up and where his parents live, who had us over for dinner.

The day began with waking up a little bit late, but not too late, and then feeding and taking the pups out for the pees and the poos. Then, it was eating times. My mom or dad had made some breakfast for me to heat up and eat, which was awesome. Did that, then the Ho came down for breakfast while I packed the car with all our stuffs.

Then, my mom had started making some cookies for us to take on our trek down south, and Liz took that over while I went on a walk with her. We talked about dogs and life. My parents are in the process of adopting a dog, or perhaps even two, and my mom has a lot of questions and concerns. And, rightly so. It’s a big commitment, for sure, but I also just tried to remind her that it’s totally and entirely doable. You learn to just adjust your life around them.

Then we were off onto the 101 for the first leg of our trip back home. The drive was fairly uneventful, except for a 10 million hour stop at the McDonald’s in Willits. All I wanted was a quick burger to keep me going. Took forever.

We reached Ryan’s house at around 4:30 and he gave us the tour of his place. It’s right off the golf course (I know! Posh bastard), and it’s a two-story townhome that’s on the end of the building. We fed the dogs, and then took them out for a nice walk as the sun was setting. Ryan told us about his “new” squeeze, which he met at work, and we let the dogs run around on the fairway of whatever hole it is on the course that is closest to him. That was a lot of fun.

We then had him open his presents, which were roundly enjoyed, and it was time to drive down to Petaluma to have dinner with his parents at their house. It was a spaghetti bolognese, and it was *delicious*. Seriously, so good. It is genuinely always nice to see them. His dad Tim regaled us with his new job story and we talked about favorite movies and what each of us were working on in our lives at the moment.

Oh! But before that, we met up with some instagram friends of Cooper and Coco, and we met Ozzy and his alpha’s G and E at their house. Holy cute buckets, that dog is cute. Reminded me sooooo much of our long lost furry friend Hubble who now lives in Canada. Just a sweet, super excitable in a totally non-aggressive way, high energy dog that just really REALLY wants to be friends with everyone. Coops had a blast with him pretty much immediately. Coco was more suspicious and mostly just wanted to be left alone. Both ways, it was highly entertaining, and it was really wonderful to meet fellow dog owners and have out pups to know each other.

Then, it was time to head home and we decided to watch The Interview with Ryan…which proved in the end to be a non-starter. We watched about an hour of the movie and then it froze, never to return. Which was actually okay, it was already 12:30 at night. Ryan and I shared a glass each of Rye whisky and a 10-year Kentucky Bourbon. I still maintain that I like my whisky to be from Kentucky and be a bourbon. It’s just my fave.

So, after trying a couple times to get the movie to start again, we just decided to call it quits and go to bed. We drive the rest of the way tomorrow. Sleepy times mcgee. We love Ryan, and I miss my family, and I’m excited to be home tomorrow, and it’s sad that the year is over, and exciting and nerve-wracking that 2015 starts in 24 hours. It’s a lot of the feels. More on all that tomorrow.

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