Day 432: Titan

Day 432: Titan

Had a pretty legit day off today. Well…kinda. I got our townhome apartment rented today, so that was dope. That took a little bit, but nothing crazy. Then I took a nap while Liz hung out with K-Bear in the living room watching their stories. Coops came in and slept with me, like a snuggle muffin.

Then, we all hopped in the car and traipsed down to Ikea to look at some stuff. Liz doesn’t have enough room in our office to put all of her stuff, and so we’re looking at some solutions there. I think we found the best option, this shelf called “Kallax”…I think? Crazy Swedish names.

Basically, our office can be much better organized than it currently is, and January seems to be the perfect time to me to fix that shit. Liz agrees. It’s going to be a bit expensive, but it’s also going to be *amazing*. I have designs on getting containers to use in the closet as well. Get allll that shit organized and neatly put away. Hopefully last us for another couple years, and I can just work a little extra to make up the cost.

See…I bought these two Diamond Select Trek ships, and I’m feeling some major buyers remorse because I totally hadn’t planned on doing it. I just saw the deal, and I was like “holy crap, that’s cheap” and I pulled the trigger. It’s from this website that’s dicked me over before in that they never shipped out that I paid for…but if they DO ship, I can send back this purchase I made of the *same* ship I had on my wishlist from Amazon which was way more expensive, PLUS, this other ship I also paid for I can turn around and probably sell for way more than I paid for it…but will they *actually* ever ship the ships? I don’t know. They didn’t the last time I tried to use this fucking company. They did give me my money back eventually, so I never went crazy over it…but that’s just bad business, you know? And there’s a ticking clock on if I can get a refund back from this Amazon seller.

Anyway, that’s actually REALLY what’s making me feel self conscious about money. Does it matter that this toy company is from Canada? Probably. I just feel kind of foolish for being impulsive. It was, like, $130 all told, but still. I usually agonize over buying something until I finally pull the trigger. This iPad keyboard case I’m writing on is a perfect example of that. Aaaaaannddd…if it doesn’t work out, I can just cancel the order and get my money back, so there’s that, too.

Moving on!

We watched the rest of Boardwalk Empire today, the series finale. It was pretty good. Not the best that season has been by a long shot, but still, dope. They used the opening movement from Gustav Mahler’s 1st Symphony, which had been introduced to me as “Titan” by NPR earlier this year. In fact! I think it was listening to that on NPR early last year that kicked off my whole fascination with listening to classical music on Spotify. Anyway…it’s always reminded me of Star Trek, the original opening theme from that show. It was Nucky’s theme, and a “Titan” he was indeed. Such a cultured show, Boardwalk Empire. It was entirely appropriate and not out of place one iota. I thought the last image of Nucky as a boy was particularly poignant, as was the scene they had between Capone and his son. Stephen Graham, in my opinion, was the standout actor on that show and has been robbed every year that he hasn’t received an Emmy nomination for his work.

Then, we finished Ascension, which was less sophisticated. They did have something fun at the very, very end…but enough to keep me interested? I don’t think so. I think they gutted what made the show exciting and fresh and bold with the twist they chose as the end of the first episode…or two episodes, I guess, from they way they credit it all together.

That’s all for tonight. A little all over the place tonight 😛 Such is life on vacation.

Ps – I totally listened to Mahler’s 1st while writing this entry tonight. It was very dramatic, and sometimes whimsical. Titan is all over the place. JUST LIKE ME

PPS – No freaking idea what tonight’s artwork is from, but that sassy robot says “don’t fuck with venus”…I wouldn’t.