Day 436: Memory Lane

Day 436: Memory Lane

I tackled the first phase of the office closet reorganization today. It’s been pretty much since we moved in that I’ve wanted to finally go through the stuff in the bins in there, which are so difficult to get to because they’re bins…ie- one must unstack them to get to the bottom, and then open them. It’s not an ideal situation, and one that I’ve had grand designs on fixing for quite a while now.

Well, after waking up suuuupppeeeerrrr late and eating some breakfast, I motored down to Target and picked up five feet worth of closet drawers. I then motored home, pulled out all those bins of crap, and then put in the new drawers. They fit perfectly. I then spent a good hour or so trying to find more of the preexisting drawers I have already on the other side of the closet…see, I bought those like, five years ago, and apparently they don’t sell them anymore, like, *anywhere*. Well, I finally found them on Home, and I ordered three more that will now fill up the other side of the closet. It’s gonna be grand. Not more un-piling to get to stuff. Just easy-to-use-drawers. Yes!

In between all that, I took the dogs on nighttime walkies, ate some food, and watched the documentary Stop at nothing about Lance Armstrong, and how he basically ruined a bunch of people’s lives and/or careers by lying for so many years about using performance enhancing drugs. It was pretty scathing, and I’m pretty sure the plain truth of the whole thing.

Then, I dove into the actual bins that I’d removed from the closet and started going through all these items from my past. Many of them I literally hadn’t looked at since…well, since I first put them into those bins in the first place. I think that was back in 2007, when Liz moved into the Tujunga apartment with me after college.

It was a lot of trinkets, and randomness. A lot of it, actually, I was totally fine with trashing, some of it I decided to give away, and some of it I decided to keep. Like my CD collection…I just couldn’t quite pull the trigger (yet) on letting all those CDs go. I spent a small fortune on that music when I was a kid/teenager, it doesn’t quite seem right yet to toss it. I have a feeling, however, that day will come soon. Why keep it forever when 99% of that music is now available to listen to whenever I want? My records…that I can see keeping for pretty much forever. That shit is rare, number one, and will never be made streamable, number two. It’s just too obscure.

There were a bunch of photos from my family, which I think I’d been sent to digitally scan at some point, and then a bunch of photos from my post-high school years up until around 2005. I guess that was the year I stopped printing photos and just went digital. Which is crazy, because that’s just about the time that I stopped buying music on vinyl as well. Facebook was out and about, and they allowed you to post unlimited photos. Printing photos just wasn’t necessary any more.

All that stuff has a lot of memories with it. I always get weird when looking through stuff like that. I have this…I don’t know, awkward and embarrassed feeling about the past. Almost invariably. I’ve talked about it on the blog here before, and it’s just true. It’s part of who I am. I always look back at the younger versions of myself and see an awkward idiot who knew so much less than what I know now. Which is a *crazy* formula for this blog, right? I mean, how long till I look back at entries I’m writing right now and think the same exact thing?

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. Going to get a little more reading done on The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and think a little bit about what I want to do tomorrow. I definitely want to get up a little bit earlier than I did today (ie- noon), get some more cleaning/organizing done, and I think go play a full round of golf. We’ll see, though. A little more than half way through my vacation. It’s both gone by quickly, and gone by very slowly at the same time. I don’t know really how to explain that, but it’s true.

OH! And my parents GOT A DOG TODAY. Finally! At long last! His name is Jojo, he’s a year old, a complete sweetie pie, a full-blooded Maltese, and my mom and dad just sound so freaking happy to have him in their lives. I am ecstatic for them, being totally and completely in love with my own two dogs, and I can’t wait to receive the barrage of photos and videos that I’m sure will be coming to me via text message and facebook very soon.