Day 437: Allergies, man

Day 437: Allergies, man

They suck.

I woke up today feeling pretty fine and normal, took the pups on morning walkies and ate some food, and bam! I was feeling achy, and stuffy, and just under the weather. It was like “awwwwww man…really? Again?”

So, I took it easy today. I had designs on doing some major cleaning, but those were not to be. I was pretty fatigued all day…

…until I finally went down to Ralph’s and bought some allergy meds, took them…and about an hour later I was feeling pretty freaking normal. I legitimately think, this time around, it was actually just allergies. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow after taking meds again, but I think that was all it was, which kinda makes me feel like an idiot for not going to get allergy meds earlier in the day, but whatever. This week is for rest, and I didn’t do much of that yesterday, and I did today. So, there you go. Mission accomplished.

My mom had her first whole day with the new dog today. Jojo. Her new favorite son. Little bastard. She said she went out at one point to do some yard work, and he sat up on the couch with a view of the window and watched her the whole time. They also went on lots of walks, and he ate a full meal later in the day when he was a little more exercised. He hadn’t really eaten much in the morning, and my mom was a little concerned given how skinny the poor guy is, but I told her I thought it was probably just nervousness or stress and that seems to be indeed what it was. If your dog is ever super stressed out or nervous, take them on a walk. Get them exercised. When they’re tired, they just aren’t in the mindset to be all wound up and nervous about anything. Works like a charm.

I very happy that my parents have adopted a dog. I think it was a great decision, and I really think they’re going to enjoy having an indoor pet. Especially one as sweet as Jojo sounds. I think he’s the perfect temperament for them; just a sweetie pie who loves people to bits. Plus, my mom gets a lot more walking into her day than otherwise. It’s good for her.

Okay, so I just flailed my around in bed for about two minutes because I saw on my Jawbone Up app that I was, like, 50 steps away from hitting my daily goal of 10,000 and I wanted to get that shit. It’s almost midnight, and I’ve hit my goal, which I arbitrarily set like a year ago and I’ve never really paid super close attention to until, like, this last week…anyway, I’ve hit my goal for the past five days, and I guess I’m thinking it would be cool to get to a full week. Get that 7 Day Streak badge…anyway…what I just did is probably cheating, but whatevs. That’s 200 cheat steps out of 10,000. Y’all can suck it.

I did a decent amount of brainstorming on the pilot rewrite tonight, and I honestly think I’ve mapped out what I want to change for the first couple days worth of work, which starts on Monday, I think. More character elements added, putting in what’s important to them, exciting or nerve-wracking. That kind of stuff. There needs to be more on-the-nose introduction-type stuff in the pilot overall, for the various characters and for the entire world. That was my biggest impression after reading my latest draft again: too much taken for granted and unexplained. Not working.

That’s it for tonight. I hope to wake up feeling fresh tomorrow, or at least feel that way after taking allergy meds. Also, I get to see Josh tomorrow, who I haven’t seen since this time last year. Almost to the day, a year ago. Crazy, right? I used to see him every week for, like, four years. I miss him. Curious to know how he’s doing, whether we can maybe find a way to see each other a little more often. We’ll see.


Tonight’s artwork I don’t seem to have credit for, so my apologies. I do know that I found it over at 70s Sci Fi Art, I just can’t seem to find it again.