Day 438: Double Birthday All the Way

Day 438: Double Birthday All the Way

Tonight’s sweet artwork picturing a futuristic tour of London is by Tom Stimpson

Two birthday celebrations in one day! I know! What a life.

The day started off with walking the pups and some food, and then it was a little apartment shenanigans before heading over the hill to meet with Josh, dear dear Josh whom I don’t think I’ve actually seen in person since this time last year. January 7th, if I remember correctly (from reading through that blog post a couple days ago, to be honest).

There was lots of catch-up to be had, and we just talked about life. What we’d each learned over the past year, where we wanted to go, discovering really that no matter how much time we spend apart, our lives continue to move forward on strikingly similar trajectories. It’s definitely been different, not seeing that fellow each week. We did that for four years. Four years! But, this last year, we chose slightly different focuses, him on the filmmaking side of things and me on the writing side. It was a natural evolution, I think, but I still miss him to be sure. So, it was nice to see him and get filled in and fill in on the last year.

Then, it was home to squeeze out a couple hours of editing work. I know, I know! I’m on vacation. But, the deal was that if and when these certain types of lessons were posted, I would pounce on them and make up those precious few minutes I’d fallen short on my goal for December before leaving town. So, I did. And, it’s awesome 🙂

Okay, it’s officially amazing how quickly our dogs can fall asleep. It’s been five minute, maybe, tops, and Coco is already snoring. Ridic!

Okay, so did the little bit of work, snarfed down some foods because me bloodsugar was low and we had a good hour drive ahead of us out to South Pasadena, and it was out the door…for an hour drive out to South Pasadena. There, we met up with Ryan Yu and his family and friends at this place called Noodle World. I ate Pho. It was pretty satisfying. Certainly not the best ever, but it 100% hit the spot that I needed hit tonight. Yummers! His kids and their cousins were running around playing afterwards, and Liz was talking about how it made her think of when she was a kid, playing with her cousins after a big family meal. It was genuinely good times.

Then, it was off to Universal City Walk to meet up with Joe, Madhuri, and the birthday girl of the hour Heather (Joe’s sister) for some dancing in a circle to hip hop and some new dance music at a place called Jillian’s, and then a hop skip and a jump down the way to Howl at the Moon where they had live music and $1 drink tickets for us. Apparently, Heather had won a party group somehow, and we were all able to get in with no cover and we got the drink tickets too. It was pretty cool. Pretty soon after our first drinks, however, the Ho and I were pooped. Pooped because, first of all, were old granny panties, and second of all because it was the second birthday party of the evening.

Then, we were greeted at home with waggy tails and full bladders, which we promptly took outside for some relief, and then played with both of them for a few minutes till they tired themselves out.

All in all, an excellent day. Not very restful, but that is what’s happening tomorrow, mark my words. Lots of napping, maybe watching some trek on my iPad, and taking it pretty easy. Then, Sunday, some cleaning needs to happen…but you know…one step at a time.

Goodnight, y’all!