Day 440: Wild, etc.

Day 440: Wild, etc.

We watched Wild tonight with Joe and Madhuri, this time at our place, and we had the Ho’s winter stew that she’s been making this season. SO GOOD. Legitimately…

I really liked the movie. I was the only one of the group to like it more than “it was pretty good,” but whatevs. It happens. I thought it was really well done – the flashbacks I was on board with, I thought the photography of the trail was well done, though some have criticized not having it be more epic…and granted, it wasn’t anything jaw-dropping from an auter or anything, but I found it to be plenty sufficient. I thought Reese Witherspoon was great, if perhaps not mind-blowing, and I thought the supporting cast was excellent. There were a couple scenes that I found genuinely moving, most notably an encounter on the trail with a grandma, a boy, a dog, and a badass llama.

Perhaps it’s my predilection towards movies that are set against a backdrop that I grew up inside, like the forests of California, or hiking, like I used to do a lot of growing up. I’ve always found the forest to be a magical place, and so a story about someone escaping to one to find themselves completely makes sense to me. It’s a premise that I buy, because I’ve done it before. So, perhaps it’s all that stuff that made me like the movie so much when the others in my group didn’t quite so much. I don’t know. But I liked it a lot. It’s a really well made movie. I think about Into the Wild as a point of comparison, and how far superior this movie was to that as a point of comparison. It’s on my top 10 list for this year, without a doubt.

It’s been so long since I even liked enough movies in a year to have a top 10 list…2014! You continue to make me happy. Now, that said, there still hasn’t been a movie that’s completely blown me away. I don’t think it’s going to happen. But, just to talk for a minute about why, even though there hasn’t been a movie that’s made me want to yell from the hill top for everyone to see, and I’m still so impressed by movies this year…pretty much every year since 2010, with the exception of one, *maybe* two movies, I’ve thought all of the awards movies were 100% boring, or just plain bad, pieces of shit. Seriously. Came away absolutely STUNNED that they were getting awards buzz, or even winning Best Picture awards. And you know what? It’s because there WERE NO GOOD MOVIES.

Not this year. This year, there are *several* movies worth receiving awards. Masterpieces, perhaps not. But genuinely fantastic movies. Acting, script, direction, and just plain concept. I’m excited guys. It’s easily the strongest award season in five years.

The rest of the today was dedicated to the continuing Great Organization of the Ho-Heinichen household. We did some cleaning in advance of our movie night and incoming houseguest, and I loaded up my car with a bunch of stuff to take down to the Goodwill. Well, more specifically, the Jewish Women’s Council. They give out the best tax rebate receipts.

Anyway, tomorrow is a work day. Back to the grind. Cooper and Coco are both knackered. They both did some agility work at the Zoom Room. That was adorable. Also, both the Ho and I are currently farting in bed because of the kale that goes in the stew. So stinky. SO WORTH IT. I bet Joe and Madhuri are farting right now, too, cursing our names to the heavens. You’re welcome!