Day 444: All Fours

Day 444: All Fours

Tonight’s artwork is by John Berkey.

I always love these all-the-same-number days. They happen so infrequently now that I’m in the triple digits of the day count. Back in the beginning, that shit was dime a dozen. Every 11 days. But now…it’s every…111 days? I think that’s right. Math was never quite my strong suit, unfortunately.

What is a strong suit anyway? It’s probably something super normal, like “my best suit,” but I can’t help but picture someone in a suit that makes them have bigger muscles, or even like a superhero suit that actually makes you stronger. Anyway…

We had a game night tonight in honor of our house guest Kerry. It was awesome pants. Cards Against Humanity, as per usual, and as per usual it was a raucous affair. There were a TON of us tonight, and we also played to Rando Cardassian, which means a random card from the take a card pile was always thrown in to the choosing pile. Rando wasn’t picked tonight, but he almost was several times, and apparently people have played games where Rando won handily. The scurvy knave.

We did have to be on dog patrol for a good part of the night. Cooper and Piper would get into it every so often. No scrapes or scratches to speak of, which is the important thing, and it was actually a suuuuuper informative night for me watching them. They only ever got into it when a human was involved. That seemed to be Cooper’s trigger. Piper would do something naughty, and when she was corrected, Cooper would dive in and go ballistic. It’s bad behavior on both parts, there’s no question about it. Piper is an anxious maniac, and then Cooper gets aggressive about it. Not the best combination, but highly educational for mwah. I also observed tonight that the two of them staring at each other when I’m correcting them keeps them highly agitated, which totally makes sense, so I have to have them pinned down to the ground NOT looking at each other. In terms of how to fix the situation completely? I’m honestly not an expert (yet), and I’d have to figure things out with some more time and work with the two of them together in an environment without so many people around. Tonight was definitely not that night given all the high energy, and once I finally realized that (and felt like an idiot for not realizing it sooner), I took Coops and Coco into the bedroom so they could just hang out by themselves for a while.

Otherwise, the day was a little stressful, actually. I had a butting-heads moment with someone at work (over the internets). I’d prickled a bit at someone new saying things should be done a certain way that’s different than I’d chosen to do them…and then I felt a bit like an asshole/idiot when they in turn dug their heels in and threw attitude back at me. It made me realize that I probably should have just taken my thoughts to the up-and-ups above me right off the bat as opposed to making what was basically a power play “I know what I’m doing and you’re wrong” move on my part. I mean, I didn’t do anything crazy, but I did feel stupid for not handling things more constructively right off the bat. Having a new team of people coming in to the work environment is a GOOD THING, and I don’t think I was particularly helpful today in transitioning someone fairly new to the process. THAT’S what made me feel stupid about the whole situation.

But, anyway…time will smooth all of that. This coworker and I will have opportunities in the very near future to get used to each other, and at the end of the day, we *are* working together for the same goal. That’s the ace in the hole.

It was a stressful day today when I’d been feeling rather stressed out in general. I’m not in any sort of rhythm right now, and that’s a very unsettling state for me. I hope tomorrow is a bit more relaxing, and then I’m able to just get into the swing of things on Saturday with work and with writing. It was a frustrating first three work days of the year, and a up and down first “day off”…but the game night *genuinely* was an up to end on. I had a blast, and I love having our friends over. It’s the tits.

Night y’all. Here’s to a more restful, peaceful day tomorrow. Get my mind right.