Day 445: The weather is above me

Day 445: The weather is above me

Meaning I’m under it.

Yup. Pretty sure it’s just aggravated allergies this time, however. Doesn’t feel like full-blown sickness. Still, it’s frustrating. Or, at least I was earlier today about it. Right now…well, I just feel like I’ll ride it out and get cracking as soon as it’s gone. What else can I do, right? Right. Just get some legitimately good rest in the meantime and drink lots and lots of water.

I at least got a bunch of reading done today. I’m starting to close in on the end of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. It’s gotten better. I must say. It was rrreeeaaalllyyy dragging for pretty much the first half…then exciting shit actually started happening as the second half kicked in, and while it’s certainly no page-turner, it is holding my interest.

That’s about it, guys. I almost forgot to write the entry tonight. Full stop. What a disaster that would have been, right? Again…not really, actually. I would have wrote it in the morning and changed the date, to be completely honest. I’ve never had to do that yet, but I’m sure the day (or night) will come when I need to. It’s okay. I’m over “keeping the streak” type of thinking. It’s now just about marking the time, and how it passes. Both quicker than I can possibly imagine, and also slowly and methodically as I can remind myself each night by advancing that counter one more number.

I hope I feel better tomorrow. It’s supposed to be a work day. We’ll see how it shakes out. This shyte today may well have just been really bad allergies…but I’m also pretty sure I had a fever at several points today…and that’s not allergies 😛

One step at a time, guys. One step at a time.

Tonight’s artwork is unfortunately not properly sourced from where I found it, so I welcome anyone chiming in if they know who actually painted the original image, which I’m being led to believe was made for or inspired by Heinlein’s book.