Day 447: The Imitation Game, etc.

Day 447: The Imitation Game, etc.

We went over to Joe and Madhuri’s again tonight to watch The Imitation Game, one of the awards contenders this year for movies. We’ve done this for the last three weekends. Quite like it. They live just down the street and around the corner from us, and it’s always seemed a shame that we haven’t taken advantage of that. Well, now we are!

Also, Joe and I discussed doing a podcast once a week during Baseball preseason about the A’s. The blogging last year I just couldn’t commit the resources to. The podcast…well, I can talk to Joe for an hour a week about the A’s. Hell, let’s be honest, I could talk to Joe for ten hours a week about the A’s…but I do want to have a life. He was totally down with the idea. So yeah…Green Collar Podcast might be coming to a smartphone near you sometime very soon.

The Imitation Game was good, but not great. It really kind of fell apart in the end. The climax wasn’t really handled very well at all, with him being arrested for homosexuality and all. The climax they really built into the movie, to be honest, was the successful breaking of the Nazi enigma code…and they did that well before the end of the movie. The matter of Alan Turing being gay and then disgraced for it really didn’t even come up in the movie until forty minutes or so before the end…so for him then to be having this intense emotional scene later in life, well it just hadn’t been properly set up and justified. There was no thread, no real through-line for the movie, and thus it didn’t land in the way that it really should have. I mean, the man was undeniably a genius, and it’s only been since 2013 that his achievements were finally fully made public and recognized. There’s a really amazing story in there because it’s true, and they really dropped the ball in executing it.

Now, all that said, it was still a fine movie. It’s just not great. And it won’t win any awards I don’t think, not any big ones anyway.  But, I do still recommend seeing it, it’s a fine film and really interesting subject matter, it just wasn’t particularly effective.

Felt a little better today, but still tried to take it easy. I’m going to bed tonight with plenty of medicine, and hopefully this cough stays away for good. I’m taking my allergy meds religiously, and that should help. I remain pretty well convinced that it’s starting with allergies, and if I can stay on top of that, perhaps it won’t progress to anything more serious.

I’m writing the entry tonight on my computer in the office. SO WEIRD. Doesn’t feel quite right. In fact, I’m not nearly as quick typing on this keyboard now as I am typing on my iPad’s slightly smaller modified keyboard. How crazy is that? I’ve just gotten used to it. I’ve been writing so much on it, you know.

Anywho, it’s after midnight. Time for bed. And start reading my novel tonight, I think. I’ll make edits as I go. Till tomorrow! Wish me health…