Day 450: Killin it

Day 450: Killin it

Today was a day off, and I murdered that shiz.

So often my days off just kind of happen and seem to sort of disappear. They go by so fast, I blink, and the sun’s already going down. Well, not today. I planned out every single hour of my day today, scheduled in all the “fun” stuff I was going to do…and I did it. I got it all done except for ONE thing that was just kind of slush time anyway.

Liz is next to me watching videos from Urban Dance Camp right now. That’s some good shit, yo. Dance in so freaking amazing. I wish I had gotten into it back when I was like 5.

Anyway, I got my writing done, a really nice chunk of it, watched almost all the rest of Doctor Zhivago, took care of the pups all day, did some apartment odds and ends, ate all my meals on time, and watched Gone Girl.

So, yeah, Gone Girl. It was fun, legitimately. But I rrreeeaaalllyyyy think they made a mistake by having Fincher direct the movie. It was so much more of a salacious, raucous story than fits for Fincher’s plodding, sometimes sophisticated, but *definitely* understated sensibilities. At least, that’s how he is these days. It made the movie so subdued in tone, the most apt word I can think to describe it is “flacid.” The movie just couldn’t get it up in the end.

Criticism aside, I still enjoyed myself. I thought some of the twists and turns the story took were classic examples of what everyone tells you to do when you’re writing your story; take that last act climax and put that shit at the end of Act One. Then, see what happens. I wasn’t a fan of all the choices that were made, but I did enjoy most of them. Except the very end. That just kind of happened all of the sudden, this new status quo, and it was a bit unsatisfying for as many fireworks there were in the rest of the story.

I’d still recommend seeing it, but I sincerely doubt it’s going to win any Oscars.

I finally spent the night watching, for the first time in my life, a fan-made Star Trek episode. There are two major series made by fans set in the Original Series universe right now, Star Trek New Voyages and Star Trek Continues. I watched a New Voyages episode, their most recent, and found it to be…less horrible than I’d feared…but that’s not really saying much.

Their production value is fantastic, for real. The sets are great, the lighting (most of the time) is competently shot. The only knock I have on the show technically speaking is the audio. The audio is horrible. Which is a bummer. It really cheapens the show. Spend some money on a real sound guy, and a real post-production person for the audio, guys! The acting was sometimes surprisingly decent, but it definitely suffered from major script problems. Missed opportunities plot-wise to up the stakes, and several instances of characters doing things that just completely didn’t make sense. I know, it sounds like I’m taking a shit on it, but I’m not. There were some surprisingly well done parts of the episode. Places where everything actually all came together for several minutes…and I was not expecting that whatsoever. It’s just not up to professional snuff yet. That gap is still very much there.

And now, I’m in bed, watching the Ho prance around to “Ottowanna go to bed” which was a hilarious faux music video on Kroll Show the other night. It’s a Beiber lampoon. Hilarious.

Tomorrow is a work day. Gotta have the focus tomorrow. And, I will. 2015 is now officially my bitch. Hellz yeah!