Day 452: Dat thing doe

Day 452: Dat thing doe

Tonight’s artwork is from an unknown artist, but obviously one who knew that Spacemen Magazine is best read surrounded by scantily clad women all leaning in to sneak a peak.

In it to win it. I got all my editing work done today. Feels nice. Nice to be on track, on schedule, doin my thang. I even got my writing done today. The pilot script is sooooo much easierrrr when it’s just a few pages at a time! Everything is, in fact.

Tonight’s entry might as well be a “le tired” because it’s currently 1:30. Not so much that I marathon’d the work today super late (I finished at 11:30), but more than I was a bit hungry, and so I walked over to the 7-Eleven to get a snacky-poo and finished watching the rest of last year’s Godzilla. Then, the Ho came home and we caught up on our days, like we tend to do when we haven’t seen each other for a good portion of it.

It was certainly a challenging day on the work front. No “easy” lessons today. They weren’t hard, per se, but no gimmes. I had to work for it. So, that feels extra good. I was still distractible here and there, to be sure, but mainly I just had a real sense of focus. I *knew* I was going to get my work done. It was a good feeling.

The Santa Ana’s are blowing right now outside our window, and they must be oriented in just the right way to make a wind tunnel through the back of our building, which is where our bedroom is, because they’re making a low howling sound straight out of an old-school horror movie. We’re supposed to get a day of rain next week, which I think makes it the third bout of rain we’ve had since coming back for the new year. That’s awesome. We really need it. And, I always kind of like when it rains 🙂

Tomorrow is a day off, and actually earned. How great is that? It’s great. Some sleeping, some reading, and some writing. That’s what’s on the docket. I *didn’t* get my reading/editing done today for the novel, so I’ll need to make that up tomorrow. Should be easy enough, though. I already kind of know in advance what sections of the story are more rough than others, and what’s coming up should be the opposite of that for a good hundred pages or so. Cake walk.

That’s all for tonight. Me tired. Dogs tired. Panda tired. Dem sleeps, doe.