Day 457: One of those days

Day 457: One of those days

Artwork tonight, continuing the theme lately of planet-rises or -sunsets, this freaking AWESOME piece is from Lucien Rudaux

Content, the one with the stress on the -tent part, not the Con- part. As in, sitting up in my snuggly bed right now, iPad resting on my legs, eyes starting to get droopy, and feeling that all is well with the world.

I woke up on time today, fed and walked the pups, had a nice breakfast, and got things started off in the right way with a solid writing session on the pilot. Just a few days away from having this latest draft finished, and I’ve been able to just keep plugging along. Chipping away, slow and steady.

Then, I had a solid hard-fought and successfully won first part of the day before a few easier lessons came up in the queue and I honestly coasted for the second half of the day/evening. I was actually feeling pretty tired once I let myself relax. I had to take a 20 minute nap on the floor of the office to get my second wind, and it totally worked. Sometimes those 20 minute naps can be killers, especially when they turn into hour-long naps…but not today. I was on the floor asleep in probably 3 minutes, and I woke up a minute before my alarm was supposed to go off. How ’bout them apples?

The second half of the day was a success, too, I’m caught up and have everything already checked out for tomorrow, ready to rock. Tomorrow will be a bit of an adventure since I’m doing tennis in the AM and also have a couple of apartment building obligations, but nothing too cray cray. I’m fully expecting to finish up my month of January work-wise tomorrow. And, if not, be within like two hours of work from being finished.

Lastly, I did a reading/editing sesh with the novel. It was a scene that actually needed some decent rewrites here and there, but even those rewrites went by quickly. It just one of those DAYS today, where everything just kind of happens easily. I don’t often feel like I have those days. I’d wager most of the time I just don’t notice them because I’m stressed or grumpy, so they may very well happen more often than I realize…but today I noticed. It was a nice, pleasant day.

The allergies are still in force, without a doubt, but I *think* even those are on the decline. I had a bout of coughing, which completely took me by surprise, but otherwise the nose stayed pretty clear and the sinus aches were tame. See, even that’s on the upswing methinks! I should also say that the only reason I talk about my aches and pains, at least for the past week or so, have been because I had the exact same ones last year and got bonafide sick…this year seems to be going a little bit better, if not otherwise being a striking parallel to last year’s shenanigans. Meaning, I write about the symptoms so that I can come back here next year and compare again. What about the getting sick is *my* fault stress-wise or over-exertion, and what is just purely the time of year and what it does to my allergies.

It’s struck midnight, now, which means time for bed. Here’s to another “one of the those days” tomorrow 🙂