Day 458: Drained

Day 458: Drained

A cooling tower courtesy of Forget

Today was a *beast*. Played tennis with Justin, came home and took a shower, wrote for an hour on the script (good stuff today), then got my solitary hour of work done on editing before apartment stuff took over.

I walked the dogs, and suddenly it was time to eat something and head over the hill for The Life of Crime put on by the WGA Foundation. It was a panel of writers who all do procedural shows. CSI, Criminal Minds, Elementary, and Justified. I mean, talk about your murderers row (ha! stupid pun).

That inspired some stuff tonight for the pilot, and I went and wrote all that down before eating some food and looking at some badass photoshop stuff that Liz has been working on. I can say no more than that, my lips have been sealed.

“You can’t write a character who is smarter than you are.”

That was the best line of the night, from Ann Donahue who used to showrun for CSI. It’s so freaking true! Other great nuggets of wisdom included don’t write a spec script (script on an existing show) that is a great juicy story for the guest star. You always write it for the main characters. Let’s see…there was also “You can’t be afraid of people hating you, because they’re going to at some point anyway.” Boy, has that been true in my life over the past couple years as an apartment manager. And, that quote is the exact realization I came to on my own. If you’re in a position of authority, people are going to hate you at some point regardless of how much you stress out trying to please them and not get hated. It just comes with the territory.

It definitely wasn’t easy street today. I really thought I was going to have time to get a lot more editing work done. But, this is how it turned out. And, I feel fairly justified on letting that go, given that I’m sitting here in bed feeling completely drained. Not drained in a bad way. As in, all the energy I had in my body and in my mind has been spent throughout the course of today, and I’m ready to throw in the towel and catch some Zzzzzzs.

Tomorrow also starts off with “extracirriculars”…but work shall be done. Mark my words. Also, I forgot to do my reading/editing, so that will have to be made up tomorrow or over the weekend.

Good night!