Day 463: Damage Control

Day 463: Damage Control

Artwork tonight from Shimmering-Sword.

I’m essentially in damage control mode with the work schedule at the moment…and you know what? It’s working! I can see the forest from the trees, and there’s a path leading to the promised land.

I finished my read-through polish of Act 1 of my pilot just now. It’s in good shape. Decent introductions to important characters. I need to do better with those introductions in Act 2, however. I just left for a few minutes to write down thoughts that I’ve had about some changes to make. I’m liking this tactic on this latest rewrite, really focusing on the fact that each of these scenes is introducing these characters to the audience for the first time. What is the first impression that I want each of them to make? How do I also make that impactful in script form for someone as a reader?

I’m starting to get more excited to show it to other people. Not so much in that I think it’s *good*, but more so in that it’s starting to be specific enough as to be ready for outside perspectives and suggestions for improvement. I’ve finally managed to start getting out onto the page what had been swirling around and (honestly) amorphous in my head. It’s ready to start really getting refined. See what’s working and what’s not. Because now at least SOME STUFF will be working.

The Ho is trying to get some aquafor out of a tube, and it’s dried stuck. She wanted me to squeeze it out, but I told her I through that was a bad idea. When it finally shoots loose, it will splooge all over the place. Better to use something to get rid of the hardened stuff on top. No splooging.

Short entry tonight. Still have to take my allergy meds constantly. If I forget at night, like I did tonight, the cough starts to resurface till I take the meds again. Ugh. Hate it. Hope it goes away soon. Though, by last year’s account, it stays through the middle of February or so, whatever it is that makes me go cray cray.

Scintillating stuff, I know. Just wait till you read my script or my novel!

Good night, ya’ll. See you tomorrow with hopefully a shit-ton more work done 😉