Day 465: Entanglement

Day 465: Entanglement

I went to the WGA Foundation event “Beyond Words” tonight, which is the panel they do with all the screenwriters (or at least most of them) that have been nominated for best screenplay of the year. I went last year, and I’ll probably go next year too. It’s a fascinating evening. It was last year, and it was tonight.

I, surprise surprise, found myself mostly identifying with James Gunn who directed Guardians of the Galaxy. I say “surprise surprise” because he’s definitely the Nerd of the group…which I most often find myself to be as well 😛 In particular, he was asked by somebody what in his childhood lent him specifically to want to write, and he talked about how he’d spend long periods alone when he was a young child, and during those times, he’d use his imagination to pass the time.

That was my childhood. I didn’t have any siblings for the first four and a quarter years of my life, and because my mom worked so far away and my day care friends lived so far away, I had no one to play with in those formative early years. What I did have was four acres of redwood forestland and my imagination. So, I created stories in my head, and I’d make voices and have conversations and adventures with imaginary people. My imagination was cultivated as early as anything I can remember, and I was never ever bored. Nobody ever needed to entertain me, I entertained myself, or/and I entertained others. My little brothers and my parents were my first audience. I’d wager much of that was hard-wired, that I was preset to be drawn to stories of wild imagination, but it was also 100% honed and emphasized and brought to the forefront by my solitude as a young child.

Also, entanglement, guys. ENTANGLEMENT. Mother fucking entanglement!!!

I’ve been listening to a new NPR podcast called “Invisibilia” and (I even tweeted this earlier) they have been CRUSHING IT. It’s so fucking good. And their last episode called “entanglement” had my mind fucking spinning on a platter tonight.

So, these scientists have been testing this mathematical theory about entanglement. That two atoms separated by space (and time…spacetime) can be ENTANGLED to become the same thing. Ie- by forces that we do not yet understand but we know are there…two atoms can be connected such that what you do to one atom happens to the other atom…EVEN THOUGH THE OTHER ATOM IS 80 MILES AWAY.

What the FUCK right?! Think about the applications of that. It’s insane. They’re talking about using it for quantum computing. Ie- instant memory sharing, for one, and for two, absolutely perfect security. Because there is no transmission of data. The data is simply modified in one location and the other location is literally instantly also changed. It’s FASTER THAN LIGHT. There is no transmission of photons, or anything else like that…it’s instantaneous.

But fuck the computers, what if you could do that with PEOPLE. A duplicate of yourself used to pass messages between lightyears of time and space. And it’s not a clone, it’s actually YOU. In TWO PLACES. Every memory and every thought shared completely in two physical places.

It’s blowing my mind. Obviously. And, there was much, much more to the episode of Invisibilia than just that. That was the teaser, not even one of their main segments. It’s so good, guys. I highly, HIGHLY recommend listening.

And that will be all the caps lock usage tonight.

Tomorrow is a work day. And, it needs to be a fucking boss of a work day. I alllmost used a caps lock on that “boss”…but I made a promise. And, I keep my promises.