Day 466: Da Nineties

Day 466: Da Nineties

The Ho and I just took a trip on our time-traveling couch to the 90s. We watched the pilot episode of the X-Files. It’s a (not) surprisingly good pilot. It’s tight, fun scary shit happens, the character dynamics are very clearly set from the get-go, and ultimately it’s the perfect blueprint for the entire show. All the “tropes” are there. The crazy locals, the flashlight scene, the case, the science vs. believer back-and-forth between Scully and Mulder. It’s all there, and all in the span of 44 minutes. Makes me squirm in jealousy at the efficiency and the effectiveness of it all.

The pups right now are both hanging out in their respective kennels right now. I have no idea why. Not coming up onto the bed. Maybe they still think they’re getting a treat for some reason. Well, they’re not, the fat little bastards.

I wasn’t crazy mega big-time huge into the X-Files in the 90s. But, I *did* watch it. I watched it, in fact, with my dad after my younger siblings had gone to bed. I enjoyed it. I do remember being frustrated by how long you would have to wait between the continuation of the overall abduction and conspiracy episodes…but I also remember thoroughly enjoying several of the weekly cases, too. I’m looking forward to watching the show, though, with the Ho. *She* was majorly into the X-Files. She was president of the X-Files fan club, in fact.

Today I worked. I got a full day in, but not more than that, like I had hoped. It was derailed early by a trip into downtown to pick up the cash from the young guy who rear-ended me on the freeway last Saturday. I got the damage repair estimate yesterday, and his work changed a bit and so I decided just to head down and meet the kid to get the money, rather than risk complications meaning we’d have to figure out some other way to meet at a time with even MORE traffic. There was still really bad traffic though, and it killed my entire morning work-wise. But, I sucked it up and got work done still, even though I frankly was a little exhausted today. Had to take one of those 20 minute power floor naps at one point to keep my eyes open.

This weekend will be dedicated to some make-up writing work, both on the novel and the script, and then next week hopefully will be distraction-free. That’s the HOPE. We’ll see how it turns out. There’s make-up work to be done with the editing as well. Uggghhhh. I hate that. I’m always in that position, and it’s simply a matter of letting other responsibilities in my life rob me of my focus when I then actually have time to sit down and get my work done.

Anyway, I’m ready to partake of the sleeps. Coops just came up onto the bed finally. That means it’s time. Officially. Good night!