Day 468: Le Quick

Day 468: Le Quick

Tonight is a quick entry. Didn’t get as much writing done as I’d hoped and feeling a bit exhausted and frustrated. I *did* get some rewrites done…but I remain disconnected from my pilot. I don’t know where its heart is. I haven’t unlocked the key to the emotional core of my main character, what really makes me crazy about her, and I think that’s what’s killing me.

I have the *beginning* of entry points, but it’s just still not quite there. It’s not deep enough, or clear enough. I’m hoping some reads (after one last pass tomorrow on this final act) from some peeps will give me some new direction on how to get it where it needs to go.

I also have a TON of catch up to do with the reading of my novel.

Today was one of those “writing is hard, yo” days. I think that’s what I’m going to call them from now on. Writing is hard, yo. When it’s good, it comes across easy and effortlessly. It is not.

Tomorrow was going to be a full work day, but I’m just not in the right headspace. I need another real day off. I think I need to finish this script rewrite, get it off my chest and sent out for feedback, and then I can finally focus on editing.

Ugh. The Feels, you guys, The Feels.

Tilde’s birthday was today, that little nugget. We made the party Mac and cheese from scratch, the Ho and I. She ran the show, and I supported. We also ate BCD Tofu, too, when we got home.

That was about it. More tomorrow, and less negativity, I promise 😛

Artwork tonight was apparently in a book about the world of tomorrow by Disney. I particularly love the monorail.