Day 469: Deadlines

Day 469: Deadlines

Dome city tonight by Steve R. Dodd.

There was a deadline hit today. I got my newest draft of my pilot script finito and sent off to a couple people who are near and dear to me, charged with helping me get the *next* draft finito and in good shape to share with even more people.

It felt good. I’m definitely still in an angsty place with the script, it’s not where I want it to be…but, I did still feel VERY ready to put the “pen” down on it and send it off for a second opinion. And that feels good. I can let go of turning scenes over and over in my head, trying to make this latest draft as perfect as it can possibly be, and onto the NEXT draft and trying to make THAT draft as good as it can possibly be.

I also got the editing work done that I wanted to, and tomorrow is set up to be a full day. I’ve got the lessons sitting in the queue, ready to go, and only one short distraction early-on in the day. I can feel it. It’s going to be a good work day.

Still have soooooo much catch-up work to do with reading and editing the novel, but goddamnit, I am *going* to hit that deadline this coming Sunday as well. And I’ll be right on track. I am on track. The writing continues to flow.

It’s the vacuum of spec. Nobody else is expecting anything from you, except perhaps your friends, loved ones, or representation.

Just had to take a 10 minute break to check out my nose zit and do a little cleaning on it with some 91% alcohol. Yup. Still burning. Motherfucking nose zits, am I right? If I have allergies for too long, I get nose zits. It’s complete bullshit. I used to think it was because I was picking my nose when I wasn’t paying attention. Nope. I am now paying attention, not picking my nose at all, and BAM. Zit time in the nose. They are pppaaaiiinnnnfffuuuulllll.

Let’s see…Star Trek The Original Series is starting to pick up finally as I play it in the background whilst I work. Half way through the first season. Not bad, right? Still sexist as fuck, and a little boring, but at least it’s not outright offensive.

Man, that’s all I really got tonight, yo. It was a good day. Productive. Oh! I went shopping, so I have food, that’s always good. Bought a new juice I’m going to try in my smoothies in the morning…Coops and Coco continue to be amazing…such is life right now. I don’t feel especially focused or in control at the moment…I really feel like most of that is tied to where I’m at with my editing work. So yeah. That’s the goal tomorrow. Have a nice, full work day. And then another after that. And then again on Friday. That’ll be the ticket. I think my allergies are actually FINALLY starting to get a little better as well. I really do. They just feel…different.

More tomorrow, kids. Thanks for watching.