Day 470: Back to Me

Day 470: Back to Me

Tonight’s retro blast-off artwork is courtesy of Richard Terry Vostok.

I feel like myself again. I’m not even sure if the allergies have actually gone away, but even they feel better. My head doesn’t hurt quite as much. I’m not quite so tired during the day. Mostly, though, I was focused today. Focused on my work.

There’s a moment before diving into each lesson that I start where there’s a minute or two of hesitation. After I copy the title in, copy the upper third, and find the right lower third (don’t worry, those terms wouldn’t mean anything except to fellow Remilon editors)…and the blank timeline is sitting there, ready to be worked. I always hesitate a few minutes before launching in to create the lesson’s first visuals. It’s really the first solid two minutes, really, of a lesson that this “not quite in it” feeling stays with me, but that feeling is CRUCIAL to overcome because once I pass that threshold of making the first couple minutes, I am in the zone. That lesson is getting finished, and quick, too. If I let that feeling sit for too long, however, I can stall out, just like a fighter jet, and crash and burn.

Not today. No crashing, no burning. I finished a couple minutes shy, but that was really due to the fact that I re-recorded a video piece for some friends, and that took up my first hour of work this morning. And I walked the dogs both in the morning and the evening, so there wasn’t really any way to make that up unless I’d been making up ground working on the actual lessons. Didn’t happen today. Not that my lessons were *hard*…they weren’t. But, they also weren’t super easy, either.

Ya, it’s a work post tonight. I really don’t have much else to report for my day, though. Such is the nature of a “work day” where that’s all I did 😛

Jon Stewart announced today that he’s going to leave “The Daily Show.” What a bombshell that was. An end of an era, and honestly one I didn’t think was going to end with Jon still pretty fucking young. I mean, wasn’t Carson like 173 when he finally stepped down from his late-night gig? Letterman, too. He hasn’t even stepped down yet, and he started like 70 years before Stewart did.

I watch the Daily show every morning while I eat my breakfast. I’ve DVR’d the previous night’s show, and I eat my oatmeal and chuckle and think about how the world, particularly our country, is messed up in so many ways. It’s the perfect length, too. I have an hour to eat breakfast, theoretically, but it always turns out to be more like 30 minutes or less once I’ve snuggled with the pups and the Ho after walkies, and then time to make my food. I don’t know what I’m going to watch now, to be honest. Maybe Colbert in the Late Night show (or whatever Letterman’s show is called)?

Oh! I took a shower tonight before bed. That’s always amazing feeling. I used to be a morning shower person. Religiously. I showered EVERY morning. But, then I discovered the joys of the nighttime shower, and that routine started to slip. Now, for the past couple years, I’m a shower every other day, or every three days kind of guy. I work from home. What else do you want from me? If God had meant us to be showering every day, he would have equipped us with fingers that lather shampoo and conditioner when put in water. That’s a scientific FACT.

Also, I’ve set up a dog blanket in the middle of the couch, just to see if the pups would gravitate towards it…and Coco did not leave that shit ALL DAY except to eat and go outside for her favoritest of activities – walking the neighborhood. She was so excited to go walking today, she hop/ran for a good 2/3s of it. But, back to the blanket. She LITERALLY did not move from that spot all day. I’d say the experiment is a rousing success.

That’s all for tonight-night. I have some reading/editing to do. Catch you tomorrow after ANOTHER full work day. PEACE!