Day 471: Title?

Day 471: Title?

Tonight’s artwork is something…that’s all I got. Jupiter as a giant tube, perhaps? It’s from Slawek  Wojtowicz.

No idea what tonight’s blog title is going to be…maybe I’ve run out of title ideas. I’ve done 470 of them, after all. Maybe 471 was just one too many, and that part of my brainy brain shorted out.

471 blog posts! That shit is bananas. I definitely didn’t see that coming when I embarked on this nightly escapade into my thoughts a year and a quarter ago. It also makes me wonder how long it will keep up. Will I write blog post number 1471? What kind of person will I be when(if) that happens? That’s…what…two and a half years from now? What about blog post number 2471? That’s, like, FIVE years from now which honestly seems like an eternity. At least blogging-wise. I think five years back behind me, and it seems fairly close.

2010 was the year I decided to go all-in on the DJing thing. I started a weekly radio show, played several gigs, was running a record label…it was also the last year that I worked at Maggiano’s. They changed the payment system that summer, and I was broke as fuck by the fall. It amounted to about a 30% pay cut. Fucking corporations, right? I quit the next year and took unemployment for a while, which made me even MORE broke…and then I figured out my life in 2012 😛

It’s been a pretty dramatic few years, I will say that. Pretty much ever since I graduated from college back in 2006. That was NINE YEARS AGO. Life has been in flux ever since. And, now, I just kind of realize that’s LIFE. It’s not really that it’s been so crazy, is it? It’s just the nature of life. It keeps happening. ALL THE TIME. Never stops, really.

That’s basically why I write this thing. This blog has slowed down time, on the one hand, because I can watch and record each day tick by as it’s own singular event…on the other hand, it’s illustrated just how much shit has actually HAPPENED in any given stretch of time. I love it for both hands. It makes me aware of life.

I worked today. Still running behind. Still have a SHIT TON of work to get done before the weekend falls upon me, which I’d rrreeealllyyy like to have *completely* off to read the rest of my novel and sleep. Maybe eat some junk food.

Oh! I’ve also kind of decided that since I’ve been craving sweet food lately for what reason I know not, that treats are really only allowed on the weekend. Sunday specifically, I’ve kind of chosen to be the day. But, even though I do believe I’m actually quite healthy, I’ve noticed having a craving and then ignoring it during the week. It’s not like I’ve even made that a mission until right now, but I think it’s a good way to manage whatever these cravings are trying to get me to do.

I did get my writing done today, ie- reading through and editing the novel. I *think* it’s good, guys. It’s really, really hard for me to tell. I’ve lived it for about 5 months now…I’m too close. The pilot I have a much better sense of whether or not it’s any good for some reason. It’s okay. It still needs work. The novel? We’ll see.

Okay, it’s time for the sleeps. Cooper and Coco were lying next to each other for a hot sec on the bed, but Coops just moved to Liz’s side. Also, I just remembered that I was going to have some lemon Noosa as a treat after dinner tonight, and I totally forgot to. Noosa is yogurt. Not your usual dessert, I know, but Noosa is the most legit amazing yogurt either the Ho or I have ever tasted in our lives. It’s out of control. Both in amazing taste, and in expensive-as-shit.

With that, I leave you. Goodnight.