Day 473: Week's End

Day 473: Week’s End

Artwork tonight by Javier Recio, with a cute H. R. Giger and his alien.

I had a solid work day today. I rocked it for *most* of the day. Fell apart a little bit between around 7pm and 8:30…but even then I was able to rally and still get more work done. Solid work day. I’m *almost* caught up work-wise. That’s a big sigh of relief. The plan is to be completely caught up by the end of the month. Not necessarily next week, but maybe spread it out a bit. By the end of the month. What are deadlines for, right?

“Watched” more of TOS while I was working today. “Space Seed” and “A Taste of Armageddon” were on. Two very solid episodes. Especially with Ricardo Montelban in “Seed.” He’s in pretty bad brown-face, seeing as he’s supposed to be Indian, I believe, but the dude can act. Great voice. Must have been fun to work with.

I also splurged for the first time this month and bought myself a toy online. It’s a phaser, and one up until a couple weeks ago I didn’t even know existed. It’s from the Original Series, and it’s an all-black with a white handle version. They used that paint scheme for several episodes in that first season before nailing it down with the gray body, with black handle and type 1 component on top. Anyway, Diamond Select did a version of it back in 2005 I guess, and they’re super freaking hard to find, but I found one and it was reasonably priced. Twice what it originally retailed for 10 years ago, mind you, but considering that it was literally the ONLY one I could find on the entire internets, it still seemed reasonable enough.

I had an epiphany today about my allergies. I realized that they haven’t gone away and it’s been over a month now. Even through the weather changes, they’ve stayed consistent. Which means one of two things: my symptoms are not being sustained by allergies alone, or whatever is setting them off is in my HOUSE. I’m getting the sinking feeling that it’s option number two. And, I say “sinking” just in that I feel foolish for not having thought of it in the first place, and taking measures to deal with it a long time ago. I can get a HEPA filter for our AC fan and run that for a day or two, do a really thorough vacuum of the carpets, change the bedding, and spray down the laminate floors. We’ll see if that helps anything.

To round out the night, and why I’m currently writing this at 2AM…the Ho and I watched the rest of “Alien” together. We started it a couple days ago after I’d seen that it was playing on one of the movie channels, and we realized that she’d never actually seen it from beginning to end. Just the highlights. So, that was totally fun. What a fun movie. For reals. It’s still *legitimately* terrifying, even though it’s almost 40 years old. That meal scene where the Alien pops out for the first time is enduringly iconic. It’s just such an influential movie, one of those movies that people went and saw in droves, and a whole generation of story-tellers afterwards wanted to make their own version of it. It basically launched the genre of SciFi Horror. Ugh. So good.

I think Ridley Scott followed that movie up with Blade Runner…

Anyway, tired, and feeling a bit zonked, really just because the end of my long day was an odd one with several twists and turns that were not “routine-like.” Always seems to throw me, I’m such a stupid creature of habit.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and I’m looking forward to spending it with the Ho. Then, Sunday is a nice full day off before the week comes again. I’m ready. Let’s do this!