Day 480: Last Chapter

Day 480: Last Chapter

Big ass ship tonight is courtesy of 11200

That’s where I’m at with the novel draft 1.5, ie- where Ira goes back and reads the first draft drivel that he wrote. The last chapter…26 some-odd pages.

It’s not as bad as I had feared. I think there are sections that need trimming, or perhaps just punching up, but overall, I do think it’s a successful first attempt at the whole “write a book” thing. I don’t think it will be my best, but it is my first.

Tomorrow is a work day, I have some “extra” work that needs to get done…but I’m also going to finish the read/edit of the goddamn book, mmmkay. I’m SO CLOSE. It’s just been a surprisingly busy couple weeks, you know? Lots of “extra” stuff. Lots of life, I suppose. But, here we are. Work is still getting done. It’s not a total loss.

Got to see Darren and Shane tonight, our wedding coordinators from Maui. They are down in Long Beach attending a convention for work. We went to a wine bar since those cats love wine, and it was super cool. Our server was actually from Oahu. I had a flight of Pinot Noir’s, and that was it. I knew I was driving home 😛 They were legitimately delicious, and the apps we got were delish, too. Liz and I both agreed that we wish they lived closer. They’re a lot of fun to hang out with, plus they’re genuinely really really good at what they do, and you have to respect that, you know? Anyone who takes their job seriously and works really hard at it has an automatic yes-check in my book.

It’s late. I did some rewriting before bed. Another short entry…it’s been one of those weeks.

Oh! I have to mention that I cleaned the floors of the apartment today and did some dusting in the office and the bedroom. It’s operation see-if-it’s-dust-that’s-making-Ira’s-allergies-go-cray-cray phase one. So far…I think it might *actually* be pollen in the air outside after all…but we’ll see how it goes. It’s always the worst at night…

See you guys tomorrow.