Day 483: Rhythm

Day 483: Rhythm

Tonight’s artwork is from John Bunch, and super retro!

A normal day today. Finally. Started work on time, was on-time the whole day with my editing work, and I finished on time. It feels like forever since I’ve had that. I guess that would mean they’re not the “normal,” would it? 😛

Rhyhtm would be a more apt word for it. I had a rhyhtm today that never broke stride, and it was very calm and refreshing. Part of it, I’m sure, is that I finished my rewrite of my novel last night before bed (and after I wrote my blog entry). It was the goal yesterday, along with actually catching up on my editing, which I also did. This morning I sent it out to several people for their reading pleasure (hopefully). I want notes and feedback before I do a more in-depth rewrite…but I don’t *think* there’s any major major flaw that will need a tear-down and rebuild type rewrite. More tightening, character clarification, pumping up of the excitement and adventure…

It felt really nice to send it out. I’ve also got my pilot script out getting read right now, too. And, I’ve started on outlining, or at least research on my next pilot script. Things are…moving along.

I do have to admit that I’m scared to actually apply for an assistant position…not only for the reasons of just that it’s intimitdating to have to call people who have absolutely no idea who you are…but because of the money aspect of things. The funds are low, currently, guys…and if I do actually land one of those positions…I won’t be making shit. Probably half of what I’m making right now. I didn’t even realize that was stressing me out, but it’s true. So, I guess in that regard, I hope I’m able to find a position, like, at the end of April…later as opposed to earlier. Ugh. We’ll see what happens.

Man, it’s weird typing this entry tonight. WordPress updated the iPad app, and it’s showing things in visual format not instead of the raw html that it’s always been up to this point. Can’t even HANDLE it.

Nimoy was taken to the hospital today…I’m probably going to lose it when he finally passes away. I didn’t even realize that until today when I saw the headline…he was my favorite character when I was a kid. Maybe even more so than Picard…mmm, maybe not, but they’re a tie, really. The character I most looked up to and wanted to hang out with. I mean, I’m “watching” the show while I work right now, and the dude MADE Star Trek. For reals. Shatner was all fine and good (I think he actually *was* good), but Nimoy had the same presensce on that show that Stewart had on Next Gen. Gravitas. Credibility. He was a reason to watch that show in the 60s, and the movies afterwards. I do not want him to leave, and I will be very, very sad when he does.

That sounds depressing, or dark, but I don’t mean it that way. It reminds me of the conversation I had just yesterday by the elevator with one of my tenants whose mother had just passed away at 99 years old. She said her mother had a wonderful life, and was a beautiful, wonderful person. She didn’t wish that her mother hadn’t died…she was just sad she was gone and she would miss her. I don’t know how else to say it than that, really. We miss those who leave us, and that makes us feel the feels. But it’s not anything horrible or negative…it just IS. An old person dying who has lived a full life is not a tragedy…but it is sad.

More work tomorrow, and then the next day. I think I’m actually set up to work steadily through both on this one course section, which is great. That’s when you really get to fall into that rhythm that I found today. The lessons each build upon each other, and they’re each constructed similarly so you just, step in and go with it. Don’t have to think too much, or adjust to a new set of rules and ideas.

Oh, also, we just found out the Coco won an Instagram Oscar contest that Liz entered her into. HOW COOL IS THAT? We freaking cleaned up this year for the Oscars. Best Dressed, Coco. We’re like Birdman.

It’s now the bedtimes. Liz is looking through Facebook albums right now, shit is getting real. WHY DOES TIME HAPPEN SO FASTLY?