Day 485: You do you

Day 485: You do you

Everything is dying right now, my iPad is actually dead so I’m thumbing this on my phone…which is also dying. The pups are curled up tight little balls right now on the bed because it’s decently cold outside…

Apparently we’re due for some rain this weekend, which will be nice. I like it when it rains, especially on a day off of mine, where I can watch it.

I’ve earned my “off days” this week, folks. Three straight days of 100% goal acheivement. It’s a Christmas miracle. I still have the one make-up day left to do…but I’ve decided to spread those 10 hours out amongst my four days off. So, 2 and a half hours tomorrow and each day after that and I end February completely caught up. And without cutting into a glorious-sounding 4-day stretch of off-ness. It’s going to work. I’m so excited.

I do have some writing to do, there’s no doubt about that…but I can do that too.

Apparently, guys, when I write these entries on my phone with thumbs instead of fingers, I like to use a lot of ellipses…as Spock would say, “fascinating.”

Tomorrow is a day that is almost ridiculously full of seeing people. Justin, Reed (twice), Addie is in town, and so is David. For good measure for a hot sec, I thought it might also be Kiel and Justin thrown into the mix as well…but those last two likely aren’t happening. But you never know. Shit could get cray.

I think that’s all I got folks. Very tired tonight, more than usual. Good night!