Day 488: Moving on

Day 488: Moving on

I was pretty mopey today. I even knew I was, I just couldn’t really do anything about it. I was tired, a bit sad, …and mopey. Yesterday genuinely gutted me pretty good. I have to admit I feel weird about it, getting this upset about someone I’ve never met. That has to be inherently a little weird, right? But, there’s no amount of feeling weird about it that will change the fact I feel the way that I do.

So yeah, it was a late morning, breakfast, some friends came over who I hung out with for a while, and then I was slammed with fatigue and I slept for an hour. It was just one of those days, my mood matched the grey skies outside, and I was feeling like I was on the verge of being actually quite depressed.

And, I then I decided to try and get some work done. And I did, and now…I feel better. I feel more like myself. How stereotypical is that shit, eh? Man has the feels, and decides he needs to stop sitting around and throw himself into his work. But…I will say this, the act of sitting down and focusing on something simple, accomplishing a task…I am *wired* that way. It was immensely relieving. This grief, see, there’s literally nothing I can do about it. There is no result there that can ever be reached. That’s very frustrating to my personality. Sitting down to work today helped me. It reminded me of who I am, and that I am still living my life and I there *are* things within my control.

I vacuumed the carpeted rooms and I went and got groceries as well.

I feel more myself now. Like, I had to remind myself of what I was doing and where I was going before I was stopped in my tracks for a little while. As it stands, now, I made up the work I missed yesterday, and then some, and I’m set up for success on Monday already to start the month of March on-task and on-time. I have tomorrow, now, to focus on some writing and just some relaxing. It feels good. Really good.

I think that’s all I got tonight, y’all 😛 It’s almost 1am, and I want to get up on time tomorrow morning and go get some donuts, I thinks. We’ll see what happens. Love you!