Day 491: Keep Reachin

Day 491: Keep Reachin

Artwork tonight by Darrel K. Sweet

Another grind of a work day, and another one that just seemed to fly out the window somehow without nearly as much work accomplished as was necessary. Ugh. So, tomorrow just has to be a kick ass day, that’s what’s up. I have a few lessons I think I can honestly rip through (I hope, it’s a new section, so we’ll see), and then I can mop up a few minutes here and there on Thursday before I jet out of town for a funeral.

It’s these starts to the month, man, I tell ya. They were rough last month, I remember, and rough in January as well. It just really sucks, you know, because  *that’s* the first week of the work period, you know? Right smack dab at the beginning, and if I get behind right off the bat…well, it just snowballs the whole affair throughout the month. I wonder if maybe I should start looking at my “months” differently, you know? Like, maybe start a “month” in the middle of it, instead of at the actual beginning? Then these rent weeks could be in the “middle” of the month instead of the beginning…? I don’t know. We’ll see. I honestly think the solution is just to *expect* to have a rough week at the beginning of each month, and *expect* to have to put in a few extra hours on the designed days off…that’s probably the best way to go about it, and what I kind of expected going into this week…

It just sucks to be behind already, you know? That’s all. I fell behind even more today than I did yesterday. If I can just have a good day tomorrow, I’ll feel much better. That’s the focus. I don’t even need to be fully caught up (it’d be nice), but just a decent chunk of it bitten into on top of having a nice full day otherwise.

Right now, I’m off to plan all that out.

Liz read the rest of my pilot “Icarus” tonight, which was awsome. She gave me 14 pages of notes which, legitimately and completely sincerely, is fucking baller. Like, *exactly* what I needed and wanted. And, she came away from the reading saying “you have a lot of work to do”…but also saying she geuinely loved it. As in, a pat on the back to keep working because if I can just keep digging and plugging away at it, there’s gold down there somewhere. It’s honestly exactly what I was hoping to hear. It’s the same feedback I got from the other person I sent it it, so it’s overall a big sigh of relief, and hopefully as I pour through both of their notes, I’m able to collect and assemble all the ideas I need for the next draft. It’s a process, guys. The couple weeks I’ve had away from it have completely recharged my batteries on it, and I’m ready to dive back in. It’s heartening to know that time does, in fact, actually get you in the right place to receive and properly work with notes.

Good night, y’all!