Day 493: Whirlwind

Day 493: Whirlwind

So, I sit writing this from the Rose Room in my parents’ house up in Humboldt. Flew up tonight, landing at 11:30, and I’m here for the morning and afternoon tomorrow before driving my mom’s car down to their place in Mountain View and taking a flight the next morning back to LA. I know…hard for me to wrap my head around too.

Day started off pretty normal with a tennis session with Reed, then I was home in time for a shower and to see Ryan and Lisa off for their drive back up north and home. Then, it was golf with Josh at the par-3, which was tons of fun. Seriously, he said he loved it and I had a great time. It was a *beautiful* day. After that, it was home to get some food and do some accounting biz. Liz and I got to walk the dogs together, which we almost never do, so that was definitely a treat. I never get to see what our dogs look like walking from another person’s point of view. They’re so freaking cute! Especially Coco lately. She’s just so freaking happy and excited to be out and about, mouth open, ears up, walking with her trademark little waddle of her wide from two legs. So cute.

Then it was time for LAX. Drive was easy enough, traffic wasn’t completely horrible, and then when I got to security, there was no line and I whisked right through. How amazing is THAT? Amazing. Flights were on time, and my “40 minute” layover in SFO was, like, a 10 minute layover after I got myself food, sat down, and then they told everyone on the intercom that the plane would be boarding in a few minutes. That was awesome.

Mom picked me up, and then we drove home and I got the rundown on how everything is going up here. Life is mostly good, tough in some areas, but mostly good. Then, we were home and I was meeting Jojo, the dog and new king of the household. He’s super friendly, loves to have attention and affection which is the most important thing in a dog, especially a “first” dog (in that it’s the first indoor dog my parents have ever had). Very sweet little guy, and I immediately loved him. He’s a charmer.

And, now, here we are. In bed, catching up on the day’s events. I’m pretty tired, to be real, and I think I’ll wrap things up by saying it’s nice to be in bed 😛 I’ll catch you tomorrow, you crazy kids. Good night!