Day 495: Home again

Day 495: Home again

In my own bed tonight, holy jesus praise be to the travelling gods and the gods of clean sheets and puppies. That’s what I’m nestled into at the moment, as Liz has a sneezing attack next to me. Something is blooming out there and giving her fits. Not me, it seems. No, my sneezings seem to be confined to the dust-driven variety, not so much the pollens.

I was up early in my parent’s trailer in Mountain View to catch an Uber to San Jose airport where I was suuupppeeerrrr early for my flight since there was, again, almost no line at security. Whisked on through, and I had time to get a Jamba Juice and sit and read Ready Player One, which I’ve been meaning to read for quite some time. It’s been on the list since the Ho declared to me that I must read it. And, she’s right. The concept is immediately awesome. It’s an instantly engrossing and readable tale. May I write something as instantly compelling as Ready Player One.

I landed feeling pretty damn well spent and tired, but I perked up a bit once we got home and I was able to get some food in my belly. I took care of a couple work things here and there, and then I got myself ready for the wedding, got my suit steamed, and my shirt and tie picked out to match with the look that Liz had decided to go with. We looked damn good, if I do say so myself.

Kihong is the most famous person I know, for sure, no doubt about it. But, we met years ago now, back before any of that, and we instantly liked each other. He seriously one of the nicest guys I know, generous, affable, good natured, and just fun to hang out with. I met him through my wife, they’d done a show together, and the two of them have remained very close, often turning to each other throughout the years to commiserate over the ups and downs of our business, as well as to get together and double date with Hayoung, who is now his beautiful bride.

It was no surprise, therefore, to meet a ton of people tonight at the wedding that likewise were very fun, good natured, affable, and pleasant to hang out with. Many of them were part of the community that Kihong has certainly gotten into with Youtube, others were part of his castmates from Maze Runner, which is probably how most people know him these days as Minho.

The wedding was beautiful, in this giant old Spanish-Catholic style church in K-Town. Dinner was served afterwards, which is where we met our new friends, and then Liz and I were able to sneak over to the the Kings’ house to help put the kids down with bedtime stories. I read Peanut Butter and Cupcake, which was a story about a slice of peanut butter bread going and around and trying to find a friend to play soccer with. I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to the logistics of that scenario, and who he ultimately found…the point is that it was super freaking cute. Then, we were off to the after party which was also in K-town, hashtagConvenient, and we had a couple drinks with various peeps and just had an overall great time.

The night was capped off with a ritualistic visit to BCD Tofu House for some soon tofu, which we brought home to eat with the pups.

I am absolutely, completely and utterly happy to be home. You thought I was going to say “tired” or “exhausted” and that is also very true. But, mostly, I feel thankful to have people in my life like Kihong and Hayoung, and my own beautiful wife and our dogs who are our family…both funerals and weddings make me think a lot about family in different ways. Friends and family. And, that we should cherish them as deeply and wholly as we can, because they are truly wonderful.

Oh! And I got to see Arg and Kristen because they were watching the pups whilst we were gone at the wedding. That was also amazing as always.

Anyway, tomorrow is a blessed day off, I plan to sleep a lot and perhaps watch some A’s spring training baseball, do some agility with the Coopey-doo. And sleep. I think I mentioned that already.

Good night, y’all, and my warmest wishes to Kihong and Hayoung; you two have always been and will continue to be an amazing couple. I’m lucky to know you.