Day 499: The cup is half full

Day 499: The cup is half full

Tonght’s artwork is from David Hardy.

I ground it out tody, y’all. A full day of work. There were distractions, oh there were. But the Ho pitched in like a boss and walked the pups, and I was determined to reach the finish line. Now, I just have to gut out two more days of exactly that, and I’ll be in good shape. This week will not have knocked me down after all.

I suppose that is the *one* advantage of this schedule that I’ve set up for myself. The work days are long, very very long, but I do only need to get three of them done in a seven day period. That’s some good math. That’s a very doable ratio.

The writing session did *not* get done today. I had a pile of apartment stuff to take care of, and it was going to stress me out if I didn’t just take care of it first thing, and so I did. At the expense of writing hour. It was actually a good thing I did it that way, because it took me almost TWO hours to get all the apartment duties out the door. I write this paragraph because I’m feeling guilty and frustrated for not getting my writing hour done. But now, I let it go. Tomorrow is a new day…that was also not have a writing hour in it. Damn it! 😛 I’m playing tennis tomorrow with Reed in the morning. I have to get this body up and moving around, you feel me?

Liz would like me to point out that my metaphor is inspecific. A cup is always full, after all. I meant the tradition full of liquid, and I feel like that’s kind of implied…but, you know, some people are sticklers.

We watched the rest of “Raiders” today while I was eating dinner. So freaking good, that movie. All the different locations. I mean, they even cover land, sea, and air. It’s crazy pants. Next up will be “The Temple of Doom,” which is universally recognized as the least of the three. That was my memory of it as a kid, anyway. It wasn’t so much fun as it was uncomfortably disgusting. Except for the mine cart sequence. That shit was dope.

Oh, also, I think I might like Bruce Springsteen. I know, so 80s of me. But I realized I like two of his songs, which came as a complete surprise to me, and I’ve found that his indie-ish acoustic-y more experimental album “Nebraska” is kinda my cup of tea. WHO AM I? A blue collar white dude from the 80s, apparently.

That’s all I gots tonight. Shoutout to the pup-pups for being so freaking cute. Coops was my little shadow today, and he’d wedged himself into this awkward sleeping position tonight while I was working and he was snoring up a storm. He never snores. Coco, on the other hand, snores like a lumberjack. It was really cute.

Night, y’all. More of the same tomorrow 😉