Day 500: Halfway to triple-Os

Day 500: Halfway to triple-Os

Five hundred days. 500. Half way to 1,000.

That’s honestly what it feels like right now, halfway. I’m finally feeling like I’m not in the beginning of my journey any longer…at least the very beginning. Yeah, so perhaps “halfway” isn’t quite right in the grand scheme of things, but I do still feel like I’m at some sort of landmark at this point in time; about to step forward into the next phase.

The Icarus script is very close to being put aside to work on the next project, one that focus and discipline-willing will take a *fraction* of the time that the last one did. Then, it’s another pilot that hopefully takes even less than that. Then, I finish up the year with some more prose writing and maybe a spec script.

The struggle, as it always seems it is, is consistency, folks. The daily grind. Well, as I suspected, writing hour did not happen today. BUT…it’s happening tomorrow, and I can’t freaking wait. I’m also positioned to finish up the week editing-wise in full form, with three consecutive days of hitting my goals. It’s such a relief to be typing that sentence, especially given that there have been so many distractions this week! But, I did it. Found my groove, even though the “easy” lessons are all dried up now, it seems. It’s all a real grind from here on out.

I got to play tennis with Reed this morning, and I went and got my haircut by Felicia. Tennis was abbreviated, but still absolutely necessary. Being out in the sun, moving around, using my body for something other than hunching over a computer keyboard…I really, really value getting out there to do it. And, it was wonderful as always to see Felicia and get trimmed up. She got a dog! Her name is June, she’s a chihuahuah-mix, and she was hanging out in her crate in the salon, just kinda getting used to people coming in and out. So, we talked dogs for pretty much the whole time she cut my hair. Very excited for her 🙂

I also got to see Abs this morning as well…or was it afternoon? I think it was afternoon, actually. Agh, it all blurs together, guys. These editing days definitely zombify me.

Oh! And that reminds me, I went through a stretch today of the last quarter or so of Season 2 of The Original Series of Trek where there were literally three episodes with the exact same stories, just different plot specifics. Enterprise goes looking for a missing ship, and finds that the ships’ captain has insinuated himself into the natives’ population as their leader. The variations were the Nazis, Romans, and American Revolution-times. And, watching them on the ‘Flix as they would have aired back in 1968, it was like, guys! I know you have to do freaking 30 episodes in a season, but jesus…space them out a little, at least. The three episodes happen within a single episode of each other, ie- Nazis, random episode, American Revolution, random episode, Romans. I shake my head.

That’s all for tonight y’all. More tomorrow, and here’s to another wonderful 500, and 500 five hundreds more!