Day 501: Boomtown

Day 501: Boomtown

Resident badass: this guy.

Kicked my work in the booty tonight. It was a marathon. Alas, no writing. But, that expense was paid as the price of getting my editing work done, and I’ll take it. Tomorrow, writing is happening for sure. No doubt about it. And then…well, I have a stretch now that is looking uneventful at this point.

I’d really like to try my hand at this new routine idea I have for my non-editing days. One that sets some structure for the writing to happen at a set time, with some “fun” stimulation things beforehand…like a walk, with some food, music, or I don’t know…but a set of routines designed to both relax me and allow me to get some solid work done in a manner wholly different from my editing days, where is get-everything-done-as-fast-as-I-can mode.

Watched more Trek today. It’s the beginning of the 3rd season, and you can definitely see the shift in tone and quality. It was a new EP on the show, and I think and entirely new writing staff. The characters are certainly more broad, and the story lines…well, they’re not actually that different on the face of it, but when you actually see them play out…they’re clearly written for a dumber audience.

There are some gems in there, however. I watched one today, actually. The Enterprise Incident. Kirk is acting all weird, and suddenly, he orders the Enterprise into the Romulan neutral zone without any provocation or communication from Starfleet. Almost immediately, they’re surrounded by three decloaked ships. Their commander…is a woman. And she’s awesome. Still some sexist decisions sprinkled in there, it’s like they can’t help themselves…BUT…the fact remains that they made a Romulan Commander a woman, and she goes toe-to-toe with Spock and Kirk.

Thhheeennnn…the next episode is an episode about some creepy kids who apparently killed their parents and are following the orders of a creepy overweight old man who says that he’s an “angel”…ya. I can’t be the only one getting a major pedophile vibe on that shit. Seriously, it’s like the show suddenly became written for kids. Kids who want to be creeped out by a green shitty angel, you know, as dem kids do.

Oi, I say.

It’ll be the first time I’ve ever gone through and seen all of the original episodes. You know, I’d wager there aren’t actually that many people who have gone through and watched all the episodes of the Original Series from beginning to end. It can be a rought slog at times, believe you me, and I’m a huge fan and not even really *watching* them…more like background noise. But, hey, Imma gonna do it.

I’m also going to bed now. 23 minutes of finished work kicked my ass. Sleeeeeeeep.

Artwork tonight is by David Hardy. So freaking cool! It’s like a blasted away gas giant…with rock underneath. Or is that like death star type material? Either way I love it.