Day 507: Oodelally Oodellaly

Day 507: Oodelally Oodellaly

Golly what a day.

Robin Hood was my *favorite* movie when I was a kid. That and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Mostly, though, it was Robin Hood. Mondays were movie days when I was growing up, before I had siblings and my mom got married. It was just the two of us, and Mondays were movie days. We’d stop by the video store on the way home from work, and my mom would pick out a movie, I’d choose Robin Hood, and she’d rent them with a VCR. I remember sitting on the bed while she connected the VCR to our television hardly able to contain myself with impatience I was so excited to see the movie. I’m not quite sure why Robin Hood was my favorite, but it was. Remember, this was pre-The Little Mermaid. This was 1983 to around 1986, and there were no new Disney musicals being made until Mermaid came along. All I had was Robin Hood, which might have actually been the last animated musical they made until Mermaid.

Anyway, it also occurs to me that my other favorite movie to rent was The Cat From Outer Space. Oh, man, I loved that movie so much. We had cats, I loved our cats, and the idea that a smart cat from outer space could be my friend and help me do a bunch of amazing things was just sooooo much fun.

I have to say that those early encounters with story-telling have left a lasting impression on me. One of my first questions about any story that I’m pitched, or blurbed, or whatever…is what’s the adventure? What cool shit am I going to watch that I wish I was able to do? What part of the world I’m seeing do I wish in some way I could step into?

This tangental start to tonight blog entry has been brought to you by twitter, where I had a very brief interaction with a fellow Robin Hood fan, lamenting how I always get the lyrics to its opening song mixed up with “Little Bunny Foo-Foo.”

The day, otherwise, was grand. There was some apartment stuff to do, I did notes for a friend’s script, and then I went and played golf with that same friend, Nikolai. It’s been FOREVER since we last played together, and it was such a fun time. We started around 2:30 and ended right before sunset. Perfection! I didn’t play so well, but I also didn’t play totally horribly. Mostly, it was just a bad day off the tee; my drives left much to be desired. No matter. I’ll get back into the swing of it. Get it? Haha. I’m hilarious.

Then, I came home and Kristen was over watching the girlie shows with Liz, and I ate my dinner with them before retiring my tired ass to the office to get my taxes shit together. We’re going in on Saturday, and I had to figure out all my expenses. Did it. Hoping I paid enough in taxes. I probably didn’t, but whatever I’m short, I’m pretty freaking confident it won’t be too crazy, and I know they take money out of Liz’s payments throughout the year like a motherfucker, so I’m thinking the actualy worse case scenario is that my ass just lowers our eventual return. We’ll see how it goes. It’s the first year of me doing this independet contractor business. I’ll learn from whatever happens this year. Already i have a savings account set aside for my quarterly tax payments. That’s something new, and completely essential. It’s just a matter of exactly how *much* to set aside.

And, then I I watched the rest of Rocky. It’s a good movie. Stallone is legitimately amazing in it, and I totally see how it was such a phenom. I mean, Stallone was Rocky, basically. A true rags to riches story from  rags to riches movie. Wrote the thing himself. Very impressive. It did make me think about things that we’ve learned in terms of story-telling, particularly with the climactic fight in the movie, which was ultimately underwhelming…but still effective. Really, the movie flies the highest with Rocky’s relationship with Adrian. Really, truly amazing stuff there.

That’s all for tonight, folks. See how much more interesting the blog entries are after an off-day? 😛 Tomorrow is a work day, aka boring-town. I’ll fill you in on all the exquisite details then. Good night!