Day 511: Greased Lightning

Day 511: Greased Lightning

Tonight’s space-city artwork is from Jean-Claude Mézières. I love the couple featured. Are they on a date? And the bubble viewing room…do you have to, like, rent that shit in advance? Does it make this date extra special? It’s a *story*, guys. I love that!

Satisfied. Sitting here in bed feeling satisfied. Not quite “relieved”…no, I’m afraid that feeling will come once this month’s quota of editing is finished and the next draft of my script is done…both of which will come at the end of this week. Then I will feel a rush of euphoria. Today, I just feel satisfied.

PAGES WERE WRITTEN. Editing was completed. A minute short, but believe it or not, that is actually on target. These lessons I’m doing these days are almost invariably impossible to make time up on, and I schedule 9-hour work days needing to get 10 hours of work done. It’s ambitious. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. If we average it all out…it works. I hit my goals.

The day started off right with pages being done. The script rewrites. They’re good. They *feel* good. It’s polish in some places, and a genuine re-work in others. It was a step in the right directly. Finally. Writing hour done in the first work hour of the day, like it’s supposed to be.

I “watched” more of The Original Series (Star Trek, for the uninitiated) while working today. I’ve set up another monitor, a much smaller one, off to the side of my work space so that I can drag the netflix player window over there (along with Spotify as well) and just have them on their own desktop so I don’t have to click through windows in order to find them to look at what Kirk and Spock are up to, or what song is playing, or even just to pause or adjust their volume.

“But, isn’t that even more of a distraction?” you might reasonably ask of me. The answer is no. Today proved it. I had slight trepidation, as you might, but instinctively I knew that two things were true: 1) that something playing in the background while I do editing work has been a MAJOR key to my consistent success reaching goals, and 2) that the actual most distracting and rhythm-busting aspect of playing anything in the background has been the difficulty with which to check on something that catches my interest. It was so EASY today. It just took a glance over to my right to catch something I wanted to see, or to adjust, and then it was right back to work with my work windows sitting right where I left them. I love it. I wouldn’t consider ever going back. It’s the tits.

See, getting to play something I love in the background while I work has probably been the biggest key to my looking FORWARD to work days. They were absolute torture before. For reals. I didn’t know how I was ever going to be able to sit in front of my computer and get work done. Then, I discovered music, then netflix, and now my dual display. It all comes back to making the future I dream of my present right now. Don’t wait for the perfect life to find you, create it right now. How can I be happy right now. That’s the breakthrough. And, I can’t argue with the results. I’ve hit my monthly goals now for almost two years straight. It’s a christmas miracle.

Anywho, it’s time for bed. First I have to take the pup-pups out to go potty. Then, it’s sleepy sleeps. I got a good night’s sleep last night, and I intend to do the same tonight, and the night after. Finish this work week in STYLE. Ohhhh, I can’t wait. It shall be glorious. Then, wrap up this script rewrite, and I’m the king of the fucking universe.

Good night!